Monday, November 26, 2007

Minutes with the Lord

Sometimes I feel as though my walk with God is a bit rushed. Like, at church they have an allotted time for "worship" which is never long enough in my opinion and then they have an allotted time for "prayer" which is about 3 minutes, again not long enough in my opinion. I just wonder, what would happen if just one time we'd come to church and the Holy Spirit led the whole thing? I totally understand that sermons need to be prepared and music need to be rehearsed but, sometimes I just wish they'd let us sit at the alter longer and just soak up that prayer time even longer or if a song is really moving the church to worship, don't stop it! But, I truly realize that at a church the size of Hickory Grove, it's probably not going to happen. And I'm quite sure the nursery workers would NOT appreciate a "spirit led" service!!! lol!!

But then I started thinking about my time with the Lord at home, can be kinda rushed too when you have a child who is hungry, one looking for socks and a husband wanting to know when I'm going grocery shopping......are my moments with the Lord spirit led? Do I have an agenda when I meet with Him? I will be honest with you, many days I wake up and I have so much to get going in our house that I don't just "sit" in God's presence. Sometimes I know that's what's missing from my day, the presence of God spending time in His word and in His presence are very different to me. It's a very sweet place and it took me many years to figure out how I draw myself to the throne. This goes back to what I was writing about yesterday, spiritual gifts, kinda. I mean, I believe we are all supposed to worship and be engulfed with prayer and praise, but we all worship in different ways.

So, not that you care but here is what I imagine when I'm in worship.......although I don't really believe it's a figure of my imagination, it's where I'm at when I'm in worship.........I've heard heaven described by many different people, but the person who touched my heart the most was Don Piper's book 90 minutes in Heaven, I've said it before and I'll say it again, READ THIS BOOK!!! It's amazing. I loved the part where he describes the sounds of heaven and I truly believe those sounds are all God's people who are worshiping Him at that moment combined, since our hearts are as one when we are worshiping, it would only make sense that to God's ears all of the words, music notes, different languages sung in and instruments played would all sound very put together as if one voice were singing it. (hee hee get it Val?)

These are Don's words, "If we played three CD's of praise at the same time, we'd have a cacophony of noise that would drive us crazy. This was totally different. Every sound blended, and each voice or instrument enhanced others. As strange as it may seem, I could clearly distinguish each song."

Don goes on to describe more and more awesome things that he experienced while in heaven for those 90 minutes. But, I really feel that this is the way it is when we pray as well. I would be overwhelmed by billions of people talking to me at the same time, but to God, it's all "talk"! So I like to imagine that as I worship or as I talk to the God, I'm surrounded by many other's, and the presence of the Lord is very real in those moments. After all the verse says, "Wherever two or more are gathered in my name there I am too." I truly could go on and on about this topic!! But again.....time does not allow it right now!

Well, thank you all for your words of wisdom through my last post, you'll be happy to know that I'm jumping up and down right here on my computer as hitting "send" was a VERY GOOD THING!!! =) I will share more details as they come up! God doesn't require us to "figure it all out" but He does require obedience and for me that was hitting the "send" button! There's nothing better than falling asleep in faith and waking up to find God's promises!!

It's a busy day, I actually have an interview today at the hospital.....I know, I said I wasn't going to be looking for a job, but they found me!! It's not a full-time thing at all, it's very part time and it would be during the hours of pre-school so I'd have to put Kennedy in too. But, if it's what God wants, He's already got it worked out! I will be honest enough to say the extra money would be nice! I just have to keep walking in faith and QUIT trying to figure things all out!! Have a very blessed AWESOME spirit-led day!!


ValleyGirl said...

Very good thoughts. I need to concentrate more on 'sitting with God' in the quiet of the morning and worshipping Him throughout my day.

Good luck with your interview!! I'll be praying for you. (I guess maybe luck has nothing to do with it then....)

Valarie said...

GIRL! Let me just tell you that there are a TON of people at the Grove praying for EXACTLY what you just said! Spirit-led worship! Seriously praying for it! In fact, fasting and praying! We are desperate and don't be surprised if it happens! In fact, one of the things Dr. Rummage said last Sun. night (when I was fixin' to run laps - haha) was that we needed to get away from the schedule and the program and the clock!!! I ABOUT STOOD UP AND CHEERED!!!

I've got the book on my dresser and it's next on my list!! CAN'T WAIT!!!

Lucy said...

I've read that book too and it is really, really good. What job are you interviewing for? I just finished my hospital clinicals today for that PCT class.

Sharon said...

My husband read the book you wrote about. He does not read and he stayed up late readig it. I will probably read it after I finish my book on spiritual power by Watchman Nee.

Be careful girl. Sometimes satans road blocks look like blessings in disguise.He is a sneaky bugger.
I will be praying. And I want to hear those fabulous details.When you can.