Sunday, October 07, 2007

But God.........

Oh I'm just so excited this morning I might just bounce right into your lap!! =) God is SOOOOO GOOOOOOOD!!!! I have to share how God has worked in amazing and I mean AMAZING ways the past few days! I'm home this morning with the Kennyboo, she is not feeling well and she has expressed her need for her sleep to fulfill her lifestyle that she posses! (BUSY! Exhausted!!) But, I'm ok with that, because it's giving me some time to put my thoughts together about the past few days.

I guess I need to back up to Tuesday morning. I was at the park with my very good friend, playing away and missed the call from the school nurse about Taylor's glasses. At the park my friend and I are discussing our huge desire to attend the Breath of Heaven conference at our church that coming weekend. She didn't think she'd be able to go because she didn't have anyone to keep her kids. At that point I was still planning on going, just hadn't bought my ticket yet. (and the Lord knew it was for good reason) So as my friend and I are getting ready to go have lunch, I got the voicemail message from the school nurse about Taylor's need for glasses. My immediate thoughts were OH NO.......she's going to be so upset..and THEN OH are we going to pay for this??? =)

So by this point I pretty much knew the Breath of Heaven conference was out since by this point tickets were $60, yes I know, I could've bought my ticket in advance but I didn't know if I'd be able to go. Well, they had asked Kris if he'd be willing to work ALL DAY Saturday, and I told him to go ahead and tell them he would, since I knew what was ahead financially for us, the overtime was much needed! I have NO shame in telling people we live paycheck to paycheck. We suck it up so that I can stay at home with the younger two and so Taylor can attend a Christian school. But GOD, He always provides!

Fast foreword to Thursday afternoon........I had my GEMS meeting at church that morning so Kris offered to bring Hope home from pre-school so that Kennedy could take a nap before I had to pick up Taylor. Well, I'm sitting outside writing in my journal, feeling kinda down. "Lord, I really wanted to attend this conference, I know it virtually seems impossible now, but GOD, you are so much bigger than anything I could imagine. So if it is your will for me to go, make a way please." I went to bed that night, feeling pretty down, you know how you've been looking foreword to something for a long time and then you're told No? That's how I felt, but I didn't let my misery soak me up.

Now, I think I should mention all last week I was working on this bible study, "Life in the Refiner's fire." Basically talking about going through difficult circumstances yet coming out victorious and how God's hand is so closely upon us in that refining fire, so of course I was under attack BIG TIME all week. So Friday afternoon, I'm at the dr's office sitting there feeling so bad for my little Taylor. Watching her strain to see the letters and pictures broke my heart, because she indeed was having trouble seeing but NEVER said anything to me about it! Well, my cell phone rings.....opps....I saw that it was the church's number. Didn't answer it because I was talking to the dr who must've thought I was the rudest thing in the world for even checking to SEE who it was! And I must confess......I kinda thought that they may be calling me to see if I could volunteer to help out on Sunday morning!!! (oh did God give me a kick in my behind!)

So, I'm in the car checking my voicemail and it's the director of the pre-school ministries and she says she has a question for me. So, I called her right back sitting in the car with Kris and the three girls. And she says, "Nicki, are you going to the Breath of Heaven conference this weekend?" I said, "No, I was, but I'm not now." And she continues to tell me how she had bought some extra tickets for some of her workers but they couldn't attend and she was driving down the road and God told her to call ME. At this point, I looked up into the sky which was just filled with glory at this point, the sun was peering through clouds and it was dark around at other spots, it was just magnificent looking. Tears filled my eyes as she said I could totally HAVE the ticket!!! This is at 4pm!! The conference started at 7pm! I knew that Kris had to work on Saturday so I'd only be able to attend Friday night and my VERY GRACIOUS mother in law was willing to keep the girls until noon on Saturday, GOOD ENOUGH FOR ME!! I took it!!

We hurried and got some dinner and I was just about ready to float away with happiness! Well, since we were kinda rushing, while I was at home, I was praying.....Lord, I really don't want to sit by myself, and since I don't know who is going and who's not at this point, please provide someone for me to sit with. Rushing to the parking lot, "Lord, I need a good parking space, I'm running late and I don't want to miss ONE SECOND of this!" Low and space in the VERY FRONT. I'm walking in, more excited to be there than anyone I think, and sure enough, I walk in and find a friend and her mom from Gems! So, I had a great parking space AND someone to sit with!! God is faithful to even the simplest prayers!!

Well, that night as the music leader led us into the presence of the Lord, how can I even put into words the indescribable feelings that I felt as we sang. This guy, Jason Lanier.........WHOA, he's amazing, and we sang some AWESOME songs!! After just reading this book, 90 minutes in heaven, I truly was able to rejoice in the songs we were singing because I had just experienced all that book had to offer me as a glimpse into heaven! It was a precious sight....all these beautiful women just loving the Lord and having a great time IN HIM. Oh I would've been just peachy content to have gone home right then! BUT GOD, oh He had more!!!

Our pastor's wife spoke and what a gracious woman she is.....I just LOVE to listen to her speak. If I were to base anyone that I'd want to "role model after" with speaking, it would be her. She has such a way of capturing the audience and bringing a fresh new word from the Lord. She's so awesome!! BUT THEN.......oh my, I had no idea what was in store for me. Jennifer Rothschild.......for those that know who she is, I can stop RIGHT THERE!! =) She is a blind woman who oh my, how can I say this...who God has transformed into a beautiful work of art!! She has the sweetest face, the most genuine heart, the most pure voice I've ever heard and talents that surpass any non-blind woman I've ever seen!! Oh she was just incredible her story, and so MOTIVATING!! WOW!! Something that you and I may view as a tragedy she views as God's grace! Oh she put things in perspective for me.

Saturday morning was equally as incredible through the worship and more speaking!! It was hard to focus though, I had to keep looking at the clock, like, OH LORD, please make time slow down....and then they announced that they were having a 45 minute break.....I was like, OH NO.....we don't have time for a 45 minute break!!! I've got kids to pick up Keep speaking!! =) BUT God, He was gracious for me to be able to hear what I needed to hear and experience what I needed to experience. The conference actually didn't end until late afternoon, so I missed out on some of the stuff...but how thankful I am to the Lord for allowing me to experience what I did!! Oh He is SO GOOD!!! Even though I felt like it was a quick "breath from heaven" =) I did get to go! And now next year I KNOW what to do....plan plan plan!

Ok, well I know this was a SUPER long post, but I just HAD To share with everyone how amazing God has been to me even during a period of trials and on, HE IS HERE. HE is listening and it's ALWAYS the LAST SECOND with me.....God is NEVER early in my life!! =) But He always shows up, just in the nick of time! Praise Him!!! Let's live our lives to celebrate all HE has done!! WHOO HOO!!

Have a blessed day!


Kim said...

Glad that you enjoyed the conference. I needed to go but just didn't commit early enough. What did he say about Taylor's vision?

Nicki said...

Hey Kim!

You know I REALLY didn't like this dr, he wasn't very "talkative" and didn't really tell me much. She didn't pass much of the test, so she needs to wear her glasses most of the time but she begs to differ! I told her I'm not going to "make" her wear them but she will soon see that she can see a LOT better with them on! She is near-sided. He also said that we could look at doing contacts at age 9, since she's so "mature". =) She's really bummed, even today, I was picking up her room and her prayer journal was out and it said this, "Dear God, please make my eyes better so I can see the board at school." (sighs....) She breaks my heart!! She'll adjust though! I know she'll be fine! =)

AND YES, do go next year!

Sharon said...

Our God is simply amazing.
When life gets rough and we feel as if we are at the breaking point--He floods our lives with His grace and mercy.
Thank you for sharing.
I rejoice with you in the fact that our Father answered your prayers word for word.
The pure in heart will see God.
I'm thinking you saw the face of God.
A little more of Nicki died this weekend. Now there is a little more of God.
Remember--no one can see His face and live.

Kim said...

Wow - that's unbelievable - I will pray that she adjusts well. Caroline in her class wears them too. (and she was very reluctant at first) Hang in there!

Neva said...

I am often amazed at how our Father takes care of even little things like parking spaces. Too often we only talk with Him about big stuff and we miss out on regular everyday blessings! So glad you had such a great recharge!
BTW--I wore glasses at age seven--I am sure she will adjust!


CrownLaidDown said...

Yay God!!

I am so glad you got to go...Jennifer is such a wonderfully sweet and godly woman!

I am praying for two things right is small and totally insignificant (a want)...the other is huge and bigger than me (a certain need). We, too, live paycheck to paycheck and are learning some lessons about saving right now that for 16 years we have not practised...mmm, pray for us, if you will.

I can't wait to hear what God taught you at the conference.
Blessings on you, Friend!