Friday, October 05, 2007

A God Moment this morning

Last night as I was putting the Kennyboo to bed I was digging and digging through her drawers trying to find some pj's for her. Knowing I had just done laundry, surely there would be some in there, right?? (and because I'm such the organized momma of course they were all put away!ha ha!!) Well, for some strange reason, I couldn't find any so a pair of the girl's panties (to cover the diaper that she likes to pull off!!) and a t-shirt had to do last night!! Then this morning as I was unloading a load from the dryer, walah, there were all her pj's! It's a miracle! Well, as I was folding those bity bottoms and those bitty tops, I felt God speaking to me in a real way. (God speaks to me a lot while folding laundry!) This week has been full of disapointments in life. Not that I want to share them all, there's no need to, but I started thinking about how even though I couldn't find those pj's last night, they were still here, I had just forgotten to get that last load out of the dryer. (I say "last load" and laugh because there are three more loads already today!)

As many times as I think God may forget about me, He truly never does. He knows where the answer is, He knows what's best. He always gives me just what I need.....even when it's the last breath of air I feel I'll be able to breathe, God knows it's not. Motherhood is hard, and having three girl's is a huge blessing, but it is also very challenging. I love them all dearly, there are just times I wish I could snap my fingers and "find the laundry". When friends let us down, husbands let us down, children drive us up the wall.......isn't it so peaceful to know that there is joy to be found.....somewhere??!!! But then, in the midst of it all, the Lord will pass along a sweet reminder of how life truly is, Last night, it was through the girly's. I just can't help but share this with you today:

Taylor: (in a OH SO UGLY TONE) I bet when I get my glasses your going to call my four-eyes and glass head! (glass head-never heard that one before!)

Hope: (gasping) TAYLOR, I would NEVER say that to you.

Taylor: I bet you will, and it's just going to be awful.......everyone's going to make fun of me. (at this point my heart is just about to drop out onto the floor!)

Hope: Oh Taylor, it will be ok, I bet you're going to look really know what?

Taylor: What?

Hope: I want glasses I can see. (This is my Hope.....always so sympathetic towards other's)

Taylor: You can see just fine, Hope.

Hope: (giggling) I know......

Taylor: I love you Hope, you're my best-friend

Hope: (still giggling)I love you head. (she was so just kidding!! they were both laughing hysterically after!!)


Leigh Gray said...

nicki - hey girl - heavy heart this mornig and hormonal one as well! i just feel led to say this so that all your lurkers can see as well - the ones that are hurting you. Your walk with the Lord is your walk!! It is not theirs and they can not tell you how to run your walk with Him! Your blog can be a prayer to Him and that is that! What you feel and are working through does not have to be detailed on the blog, but you can share your heart. It will get stepped on, but that is not for you to worry about. Let Him heal you and keep pressing on. You are making such a huge impact with your words on the blgo world. those judgements are probabaly from people that are not walking with Him and don't understand your desires and thoughts toward our Lord. We do!!! Please do not give up writing it out! Do not let them win!! You do not have to be so specific as I am learning the hard way, but just make it a prayer to Him! we love, love, love your prayers, writing, and heart, AND passion!! Keep going girl!! Keep rising above. They want you to quit, they want you to fall, they want you to give up!! They want you to lose your strength!!! They do not want you to praise Him through the storm!!!
Don't!! Don't ever, ever give up!! He is so proud of you!!! love, Leigh

Lisa said...

I agree with Leigh every step of the way.....keep blogging...I love your blogs and those little girls can say the sweetest things. I wish boys were that

Love ya girl,

Sharon said...

Just think about this. Several of those who despised me because my life was like a finger in their face--have now apologized and are walking the path I am walking.
Would you be willing to be treated as dirt for HIS NAMES SAKE?
I love your heart.
When you are up on that narrow, tiny, hard to stay balanced on road many will make fun of you. But it is a good road. You know it is. It is an honor to walk it with you.
We are not perfect--but you had better believe that is where I want to be. And one day I will be there.
I don't not do things to be Holy-I don't do certain things because I am HOLY. Kay Arthur
Sometimes our lives will be "in their face"--that is not our problem.
Great Godly advice today!
KEEP WALKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tisha said...

Hey girl - It was great seeing you the other night at church! I wish we could have talked longer!! I agree with Leigh, you have to press on and just shake off those comments. People will think what they think and you can't control that.
Your blog is so "open" and a blessing to so many.
I love hearing the stories about the girls too!!
I saw your (um hum) comment on Leigh's blog, very subtle! (hahahaha)

CrownLaidDown said...

I always love what you write, Nicki. You are a blessing!

BTW, I finally did a blogroll--and I remembered this morning that I hadn't added yours, yet. Sorry about that, friend! I want everyone to read what God teaches you, because even in those laundry times, He teaches you some wonderful things!

He has been good to you--ans you pass on the blessings! Thank you, Sister!
Love in Him,