Monday, October 08, 2007

In true super model form here she is:

Ta Da!! We have glasses! And WE ARE HAPPY!!! Oh Praise the Lord!! After reading in Taylor's journal these thoughts (yes, I read her journal, I know slap my hand!) "Dear God, please make my eyes better so I can see the board." BROKE MY HEART!!!! She is finally a "little" excited about her glasses! I think she looks pretty snazy! =) Thank goodness they have done away with bottlecaps and pink plastic frames.....a phase I don't wish to return to of my childhood!! =)


Sharon said...

RYC--this did not happen at my church but in my mind. It is something that God has placed on my heart.

Love the super model look.
Julia has glasses too ad she loves the way she looks in them.
I have them too and although I wear contacts most of the time-when I want a different look I wear my glasses.

Kim said...

You tell Taylor that those glasses do nothing more than serve as a picture frame for her beautiful eyes. :) She looks so grown up. Beautiful! Love the confidence of that pose too!

Leigh Gray said...

there is no way she could not ever be cute - i love it and please tell her. I will show EJ and I know she will just want to hug her!!

have a great victorious day - tomorrow is D- day........

love, Leigh