Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Repair me God

Oh what an amazing time I have had in the Lord's presence this morning. I am VERY tired.....I spent HOURS yesterday scrapping this paint off our kitchen floor. Someone told me some stuff to try and I did it and it worked but it has just taken FOREVER but at least the floors are somewhat clean looking now and Kris and I were up so late last night bringing in the last bit of our stuff from storage and re-arranging AGAIN. BUT, it's all in and I think it's going to work out well. However, I have to invite my sweet friend who's in interior decorator (she knows who she is!!) over so she can help me figure this whole "flow" thing out! I normally am pretty good at getting ideas going but I'm stumped on how to make a couple of things work. Ok, so anyways, back to my quite time!

Isaiah 58:12 "Your people will rebuild the ancient ruins and will raise up the age old foundations; you will be called Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings." The Lord has just completely broken me this morning.........again. And I came across this verse that really just, well, it came by NO accident, it was the Lord speaking to me. I have looked at the different names of God before, and perhaps one day I will do something on here to go through all the different names that are found in the bible that say something about the personality of God but I think, oh I think that this one may be my favorite: "Repairer of Broken Walls, Restorer of Streets with Dwellings."

Ok go with me on this........I'm a very visual person so you might like this too if you are as well. I like to picture my life with Christ as a very big circle. Of course right in the center of the circle is Christ himself and me. Then all around Christ and myself are these great big walls, and I'm not talking about drywall walls or in my case plaster walls........I'm talking about great BIG stones, HUGE concrete boulders BIG walls.........Well the moment we accept Christ as our Lord we automatically have these walls of protection.......we are surrounded by His protection from the enemy. Well, as time goes by and the more we stay in the center of that circle, the more the enemy is going to try and attack. Because it is when we are in that center of the circle that God begins to speak the clearest and use us in amazing ways.

So as time goes by you think to yourself, "Hmmm..... I'm pretty comfortable right here beside my Lord but I wonder what is over this wall, maybe I'll just take a peak." Well, eventually a peak turns into a climb over that wall and then before you know it, you're stuck on the other side. But you're still pretty close to God right? It's just ONE wall. So then some more time goes by and you think, "well, maybe I'd like to see what's over THAT wall." Maybe the enemy sends someone over the edge of that wall to encourage us to take another peak (for me the enemy would place a big chocolate cake on the top and it would just be screaming my name!!), then before we know it we are over that wall as well. As each wall we climb over we can look and see that is has crumbled......that protection is no longer there and now there is so much rubble to climb over to get back to our sweet Lord, it seems impossible.

After a certain period we start to miss our presence with the Lord, we start to miss that hedge of protection........it was a lot safer right there in that center circle then it is on the outside of this ruble. As we climb over that last wall, the last hedge of protection between us and the Lord, we stop and turn around and look back and see our lives in ruins. All it is, is a big mess now. How could we ever get over all the rubble and back to the sweet presence of God himself? Maybe we try a little at a time to get back to him, we start to go through all the rubble and mess, we try to clean it up ourselves, after all it was us who made this big mess right? So time goes by and maybe we keep trying, maybe we don't.

But then, then there comes a time where we realize that there isn't going to be any possible way to get back to that center ourselves. There is nothing we can do, there is nothing our friends can do to repair those walls, to get us over the rubble and back into his arms. And that is where we start to see God for who HE is. As we fall to our knees in complete surrender, as we turn from the evil ways our sins. We can hold our arms out and cry out "Aba Father" and HE will save us, HE will come and rescue us from the rubble. He will sweep us back into the center of that circle and surround us once again with the hedge of protection He wants us to have. He will rebuild those walls one by one and He will restore our presence with Him.

Oh what an amazing God we have friends. Oh what a powerful Lord He is. OH yes Lord, I have broken walls in my life, there may be many at times, but Father, I am in complete surrender to you today. I am holding my arms out to you Lord and crying out for you to pick me up, out of the rubble of my life, the mess I have made once again. Yes Father, YOU are the repairer of my broken walls........Lord, Jesus, surround me with protection again, keep the enemy far from me and most importantly let me recognize the enemy at work the second it happens. Don't let me climb and peak over those walls, no Lord, don't even let me peak. Lord, I'm so thankful that all I have to do is ask and you will rescue me.


Karen said...

Well I am happy you are settling in. I must say you are rather quick. There is this book that I just absolutely love. It is called Decorating for Good by Carole Talbott. It is a step by step guide for rearranging what you already own. It is easy to read and follow, and have used this book more than any other decorating book that I have. I taught Lynn how to do it, and she has not changed one thing in over a year, other than her ascents. I highly recommend you get it, as you have a natural knack any way, and would not struggle with it.

I enjoyed your writing today. I have been over SEVERAL walls, through the rubble and then some!

A good day to you.
Aunt Karen

Lisa said...

Hey Nikki,
This post has meant so much to me this morning. With the calling God has placed on my husbands life and myself as his helpmate, I feel like we arehaving to walk back through the rubble and those crumbled walls to make things right. We just got to humble ouselves and do what he has called us to do. I am going to post my update on everything, I am just trying to gather my thoughts.

Love ya girl,

Valarie said...

Glad to have you back! I've missed ya! Girl, I just LOVE that verse in Isa. Love that song too! In fact, I'm trying to get the music so we can do it! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Thanks for sharing it today! I needed it!
Love ya.

Sharon said...

Love the song on the video.
I have used my pogo stick to peek over the wall so many times. And when I found something over the wall the looked cool I just pulled out a little dynamite and blew a big ole hole in the wall.:)
My time over the wall has become a lot less in the last several years. i was thinking about that today as I was bringing Paw paw back from seeing Granny at the nursing home.
He just won't let me stay gone for long--even in my mind. Those blatant times of rebellion are becoming less and less.
Even my mind is not my own anymore.
No place to run and hide. Maybe I will do a honest post about mind activity--that ought to shock a few.
My Mom and family read my blog so I have to watch what I post--not that there are really too many things i would have to watch.
There have been times with my family when it seemed to them that I was a little out there.Things that have been a part of my walk for a while I have to remember that God may not have shown them the same things He has me.
About my post today--a few of the couples have since come and apologized.
If God wants to get all of his kids back in the wall--He may use a few of our lives to show those outside what they are missing.He may ask us to start repairing the walls by going back and starting to live in a way that is good for the body of Christ.He needs some who are willing to get up on the road that few are willing to take. Few are going to find that road. And the ones unwilling to climb their way up to the road--they will stand and make fun like in Noah's age.
If we are persecuted we should rejoice--the prophets before us were.
Good post.
Maybe we will meet next year when I come up for our conference.