Monday, August 20, 2007

God's Divine Touch

Well, it's been a busy weekend but I'm so and I mean SO thankful for these few quite moments I have this morning. I haven't gotten up quite as early as I used too, which I know I need to get better at, I just haven't had very restful nights lately, God's been speaking to me a LOT while I'm trying to go to sleep! Anyways, church yesterday was great. Although I had to keep those babies in the nursery and it was CHAOS, but I was able to go to Sunday school and for good reason!! We are beginning a new series called Divine Encounters in the Old Testament. This morning I sat down to look through the book and read something that just about made me fall over. It's on the introduction page and it says this, "The mission call of God on my life was clear, the path was not. I knew God had a role for me to play, but I was young, afraid, and unskilled." THAT is exactly how I feel so many days. I know what I know, but don't know what to do with it.

I LOVE this verse in John 15:16 "You did not choose me, but I chose you and appointed you to go and bear fruit-fruit that will last." That verse has just spoken volumes to me today knowing that my purpose in everything I do is to bear fruit. And not just ANY kind of fruit, but life changing, life lasting fruit. And wow, what better mission field is mine than that of right here in my home? Lately I've been seeing how important it is a momma to be deeply in God's word each day and not just in God's word but in His presence, seeking and praising Him all day WITH my girls.

Sometimes I think in my little mind, "Well, Jesus began His ministry at 30 years old, so when I'm 30 that's when God's going to show me what to do with this call." Oh my friends, how messed up my thinking is!! Sometimes I feel as though I must convince others of the call God has placed upon my life. What a tragedy that truly is. The only one I'm here to please is my sweet Father. And if that means today it's cleaning toilets and doing laundry with a grateful heart then that's what it means. If tomorrow it means God allowing me to lead a bible study again, then that's what it means. But, I know, oh I know that I am devoted to finding God's divine touch on my life each day no matter what the circumstances.

I feel like our country, our churches and our communities are at such a turning point. But, I think it's time as Christians we begin standing up for what we believe again. We have become to "I don't want to offend anyone" in our lives. How desperate God must be to allow us to feel His divine touch again in all areas of our lives. I'm so excited for our church as we go through this new series. I'm more excited for our Sunday school class to become a unified group again. There has been so much division lately and it's truly made my heart sad. The bottom line is this........we are not perfect, nor are we EVER going to be perfect. There is no such thing as a perfect church, pastor or Sunday school class. But what I think we need to start focusing on is, how can I experience God's divine touch through this situation.

And what exactly is God's divine touch? I believe that when you have God's divine touch on any situation then you will experience exactly what this verse says, "fruit that will last". When He touches an area of our lives in His divine way there is going to be fruit beared from it. So I guess what I have to look at is everything I do and say, is there fruit being born from it or hurt? When I clean my house with joy, when I pray for peace over my home, when I love others who aren't loved, when I hold my tongue and speak only words of kindness, when I don't fly off the roof and have patience with my girls, when I look for ways to bless others and goodness comes out of it, when I don't overindulge in the things of this world and self-control is revealed.........THAT is when I will truly experience God's Divine touch upon my life, when fruit is bore.

Oh what a crucial point I am at my life, God truly has changed my name once again. I never want to be that "old Nicki" ever again. There are many struggles I face today, many things that I never share on here, but oh I can rest upon God's promises that HE chose me, HE has set me apart, HE has called me friend. What joy there is to experience in that today!! So share my friends.......share with me how you are experiencing God's divine touch upon your life today!! I can't wait to hear about it. I love you all! Have a blessed and I mean BLESSED day!!

Walking by faith and never EVER by sight,

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Sharon said...

The questions about the calling on our lives---I have so been here lately.It is almost like I had a secret--a sweet burden that I carried because I could not explain it.
I finally got a chance to sit down and talk to my pastor about what I felt God was telling me and the things I am experiencing. It would be wrong to think that you are different and there was no one else like you. But I told my pastor that I felt I was different in a way. The is something on my life that I can not explain and it makes me different. He said, I know. I was not sure he really understood so I repeated what I thought with a few more details. And again he said, I know, there is something different about you.
I can't explain the relief I got. Like I was not the only one carrying what I had been carrying.
Now he and I are both praying what God has planned for my life.
We also talked about my spiritual gifting and what that means when it comes to how I deal with people an the things I hear from God concerning people. God is moving.
I am excited and a little "nervous" about what is about to happen.

Keep listening.