Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I have a HORRIBLE headache this morning and my at home girly's are very wild this morning so I'm not sure how far I will get in this entry! I am pleased to say that I am about to go and unpack the last box!! (well all that stuff I just said "put in the attic" doesn't count right?) It's my china for our dinning room. This china is very special to's one of the only things I have from my grandparents on my dad's side. I adore it every time I unpack it, I'm so careful to put each plate in there SO carefully! It's very pretty too, blue and white...I was worried that it was going to look right with all the brown I have in this house but the contrast is just great!! It really brings some color to a somewhat blah blah room. Thankfully in our gazillion moves nothing has been broken. I hope and pray that china can stay in that hutch for a LONG time. I'm tired of moving.....I really am.

As I've been unpacking, painting and try to make this old house look new again....I've had a lot of time to just talk with God. Praying over our home and praying that God's presence would be here all the time. I'm finding that these three girly's are starting to become a handful. Things weren't so bad when Kennedy took those precious two naps a day and Hope was in pre-school and Taylor at school.....but lately, whew....I've started wondering who's idea it was to have three kids??? =) hee hee, that would have been me, but Kennedy was supposed to be a boy, that was MY plan!!

Last night as I was cooking dinner I felt a sudden breeze of "overwhelmness" in the middle of my kitchen. Taylor was jumping around acting like a cheerleader, HopeAnn was crying because she fell off the couch and Kennyboo was walking with her hands on her hip around going "Uh huh Oh ya, Uh huh, what's up?" Oh my.......I have a ghetto fabulous baby!! =) Where did she learn this hip hop talk? That would be from the ghetto girl herself, Taylor. The funny thing girl's try to talk ghetto but they have these southern twangs so it comes across rather amusing, especially from Kennedy.

As we were sitting at the table last night Hope was taking her cheese off her plate and says, "That's gross, I don't like cheese." (well, she does but she was just trying to be difficult) Taylor says, "Excuse me Mommy, I need to tell Hope something." So she leans over and whispers (loud enough for me to hear)at Hope, "You don't just say that at the dinner table that was QUITE RUDE." Hope rolls her eyes and says to me, "Excuse me mommy, I need to tell Taylor something." She leans over and whispers in Taylor's ear, "WHATEVER!". Well if they are rude at least they are proper about it!! =)

It's like this 24/7 around here now......where oh where has the peace gone in this home??? It's never quite anymore, forget trying to talk on the phone or even sending an e-mail, they are EVERYWHERE!!! I go to the bathroom......they are right outside the door.......I want a cup of coffee......they want their sippy cups.....I want to talk on the phone....they want to talk on the phone.... (although it is rather cute how Kennedy walks around holding "her cell phone" saying, "Hey girl") But what I love is this.....I want to have my quiet time, they want to have their quite time. HopeAnn lately has taken a great interest in the bible and she so wants to know how to read.

I so desperately want to be a good momma to these girls. But I know I make mistakes every day. I've often tried to look at other people's lives to try and "figure out" what works and doesn't. I'm not sure I've figured that whole thing out yet. I will say this........I've noticed huge changes in these girl's the past few days and it's because THIS MOMMA has become oh so mean.....(well, not in a bad way but a firm way) EVEN that Kennyboo is not getting away with her sweet little hits on my head (after she hits me she tries to be all sweet and say, no hit! nice touch!) and taking everything and everything the other two girls have. They need to know that they have consequences........REAL ones. But I still lose my patience......oh my, just yesterday I had told them about 20 times to STOP JUMPING OFF THE COUCH. They did not then they and the whole neighborhood heard me say, "If you jump on that couch ONE MORE TIME YOUR GETTING A SPANKING." I hate to be so mean with them but sometimes they just don't get it and perhaps a raised tone is the only way to get through to them at that moment..........I don't know, I'm sure some parenting expert would say I'm very wrong!! =)

Even though if I threaten Kennedy with owies on her bottom and she says, "ok" and goes "I go time out"........I know even at her young age she understands that when momma says no, it means no. I don't know if I will ever have this momma thing figured out.....but the awesome thing to know is that the Lord is right here beside of me all day, guiding me, praising me, smiling at me....or frowning at me I'm quite sure!! I know that the Lord notices each time I truly sit down and spend time with my girl's instead of pushing them aside. The Lord knows when I clean their rooms and put their laundry away in love rather than "ugh....." (THAT doesn't happen very often around here!) But what I'm trying to get at, well I'm not sure where I'm going with all this my head really does hurt......what I'm trying to say is even though the majority of this day is just me and these girl's......I know that the Lord is here too, and if I've got anyone to impress it's not my friends, neighbors or my's Him.

Well, I'd better go, sorry nothing really deep this morning, just thoughts on mammahood that I'm sure I will one day look back and smile upon these days. Ok off to fill this baby's "ippy up" (sippy cup bless her heart she can't say a whole word right yet). Have a blessed day, I love you and I'm praying for you all!!


Sharon said...

Understanding the confined feelings. Always someone there in my life these days and both my kids are off to school or work.
And if there is not a commotion then my mind is busy--so busy.
When I know God has been busy speaking the most clever device of distraction from God is busyness.
my mind has been buzzen this morning but God has also been speaking.
The things I remember from my Mom are her sayings, things like--"NO means No".
And one time I heard one of those Christian family guys say, "Now you don't slow down when you see a policeman because he is out in the road yelling at you and waving his hands--You slow down because you respect his position and you know if you pass him flying he will give you a ticket".
Those statements always remind me of what I am to do as a parent--Stand my ground!
So I encourage you to--- stand your ground! And yes you are right--He will approve and say--"Hey girl :), I approve";).

Leigh Gray said...

i am soooooooooooo with you!! our blondies must be related........

love you!

Beth said...

Nicki, you ARE a good mama, because you love those girlies and they know you love them. Trust me when I say, this time will go so quickly. I never believed it when all 4 of mine were so little. I was homeschooling at the time so I had them 24/7. All of my children are so verbal and active, even still at their teenage and young adult ages. Earlier this summer we were all reminiscing about when all the kids were little. I was remembering the many times I failed and lost my temper or didn't handle a situation just right. My kids do not remember that stuff! They remember a fun childhood full of laughter and love and sibling squabbles and inside secrets. I just know that when your girlies are grown, that is how they will remember their childhood.