Friday, July 20, 2007


God is good ya'll!!! WOW HE IS AMAZING!!! I had to share with you this amazing way God is working right now! Ok........Kris and I were really upset because we had to pay some money out of pocket for our closing yesterday, well, it wasn't that we had to pay it was that it was unexpected and we felt it was very unfair.....still do...BUT that's not the point! LIVE AND LEARN =) So we were kinda bummed b/c this put a little dent in our remodeling budget. Ok, so after we closed our sweet and I mean SWEET realtor gave us a cake and very generous gift card to Home Depot!!! THEN, the hardwood floor guy came and gave us a quote he is doing this SO CHEAP but it's still a lot of money.....well, Kris was able to switch out some work and we were able to get the sander for FREE!!! AND when Kris and my brother pulled out the carpet yesterday the floors are in GREAT shape!!! This is a HUGE answer to prayer b/c if they were bad then we would have had to re stain them again, now it's just sanding and that other stuff they do!! =) THEN...a guy Kris works for so graciously offered to come tonight and spray all the cabinets for me for FREE!!! Do you have ANY IDEA how many hours this awesome guy is saving me??? I can't even begin to imagine!! Especially after I've been doing this kitchen table for oh a week now??? And maybe Aunt Karen you knew this but I sure didn't.........NEVER and I mean NEVER use polyurethane on WHITE paint!! It turns it yellow!! AHHH. (gotta go back today and re sand least it's just one piece!!!)

And ya'll it keeps getting better!!.........So last night we were over at the house working (with all THREE girly's) and our new very sweet neighbor Mr.Davis comes strolling by. He's so sweet!! He was looking at all this stuff we were doing and you could see it in his eyes.......OH MY!! But, after we visited with him I started attempting to take down the LOVELY wallpaper........and guess what?? IT CAME RIGHT DOWN!!! No water, no heat no nothing, I just pulled it right down!! I'm sure Mr.Davis heard me in his house jumping for joy!! He probably thought I found hidden money or something!! =) If you've ever had to take down wallpaper you'll appreciate that! I guess this is one benefit of having a 50 something year old house!! It was before they made that HORRIBLE glue for wallpaper.

THEN, my totally awesome realtor (if you need one, she's great!!!) also gave me her daughter's old curtains for Ms. Kennedy's room......and these are the sweetest things I've EVER seen!!! I'm so excited!!!

I see God's face smiling all over this........I see him shaking his head at me again as I was a little stressed out about all this work.......and then the money part of it, but God is SO GOOD. He's had it worked out all along it was only through his precious time that he was going to show me how it was going to work out.

So I'm off today for a quick visit with our old neighbor Mrs.Martha....bad timing but she needs some company!! Then to get the paint for the cabinets and try to figure out colors for the rest of the house. I also am still trying to get my little sassy Taylor in on all this........she is just not liking this idea of sharing a room with Hope permanently. Hope couldn't be happier, but Taylor, she is stressin out about it. I feel so bad about it.....but it just won't work to put Kennedy and Hope together, they are to wild!! And of COURSE the girl's can't agree on any kind of decorating anything for their says blue one says says says polka dots.....!!! It goes on and on. I think I'm going to have to just say this is how it is and that's that!

Well, I just had to share with you all the awesome things God did yesterday, I can't wait to see what today holds!! =) This is's a LOT of work and I mean A LOT, but I know in the end it's going to be worth it!! Well, better go, coffee is done and lot's to do. Have a great day!!! Forgive me for not visiting your blogs the past few days!! I'm still thinking of you and praying for you!! Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers and comments!! I love each of you so much!!!


Kim said...

So glad to hear that God is blessing you all over again! Remember our class verse: "He will make everything beautiful in HIS time." Ecc. 3:11 - I love it when He just keeps revealing himself. If I can help you with the girls, please let me know.

pinkmommy said...

That is awesome how God is right in the middle of all this for you and completely taking care of you! I love how He cares about every single detail in our lives!

As for the girls room, could you combine what they both like? Like maybe tourquiouse and hot pink and maybe one wall stripes and one wall polka dots? It might be kind of cute, and they would both feel they had say in the decor of their room. Just a thought.

When do y'all think you can move in?

Have a great day!!!

Lisa said...

I am so happy for you. I haven't been on board this journey very long with you but I have enjoyed you sharing it with me. I don't envy the moving part.....can't wait till that part is over for ya. Can't wait to see pictures.

Love ya,

Sharon said...

It is a good thing I don't know where you new house is-- I might be tempted to pop in while in N.C :)
Just joking!
We will be fairly busy with our conference schedule.
Afterwards we are going to spend a little time in the mountains riding the 4--wheelers and enjoying God's creation.
Have fun--looking forward to seeing the pictures.

Leigh Gray said...

I love it I love it I love it!!!!! I love what he is rewarding you with. I love the spring in your step or words. i love that His love is just overflowing to you right now. i love it all!! yeah praise Him!!!

have a great day........who is your realtor?


Nicki said...

Kim......I asked Taylor if she thought you'd like to keep Kennedy and she was NO, she doesn't like whiny kids! =) ha!!! I got a good laugh out of that!!

Rebecca....You and I are SO MUCH alike!! I can't wait to show you the bedspreads we got! They are EXACTLY that, stripes, polka dots and ALL the colors the girls want! It's a bit wild for this simply chic momma....but I'm sure it will be cute! Hopefully we'll be in by next weekend!

Sharon, Lisa and Leigh...THANKS for being so excited with me and for going through all this with me! =) I so appreciate all your thoughts and kind words and prayers!! Sharon have a good trip!! but I'll pop by your blog to say that!

Kim said...

That is too funny! Taylor is right - no whining allowed. :) She is precious - I am so excited for you guys.