Monday, July 23, 2007


Well, last night I had #2 breakdown from this whole process!! I cannot even begin to tell you how stressful this all is!! I will update you quickly. The floors in the house are not even close to being done. (They were supposed to be completely done last night ha!) The guy we hired just isn't making this a priority at all..........he's very young and just have "more important" things to do like talking on his cell phone while working. So I'm afraid we are not going to be able to depend on him to get it done. Second, the cabinets are still not done but you won't hear an ounce of complaining out of my mouth for the sweet guy that is doing them......bless his and Kris's heart they have had a time with these cabinets!! So installing counter tops this week isn't looking like that's going to happen since the paint is not done yet, unless they can get them done today, but it's just a big mess right now. Kris and the guy helping him worked their tooshies off trying to get done this weekend.

I guess reality has set in with this whole doesn't seem that we will be moving in this week at all. Maybe, and I mean MAYBE by this next weekend, but it's going to depend on those floors. Apparently it takes a long time to dry with this type of poly that the guy is using and since not even one room has the poly on it........ugh, anyways! =) I am leaving on Thursday for a prayer retreat which I'm trying to get excited about, it's just very hard with everything we have going on but I will be back Saturday afternoon. I have made about a million trips to Lowe's and Home Depot, they are going to know me by name when this process is complete! So all the driving and running around, taking care of girly's and working, it's really wore me out! But, I did get to spend a couple of hours with some sweet friends yesterday afternoon for a birthday of a friend of mine. That was a nice break!

Kris has been amazing and I mean amazing through this process! Last night, he was so understanding of all this is doing to the girls and I. And normally he'd be like, OH WELL. But, he was very sweet and just knows that this is all very stressful! So, I was allowed to shed some tears of deep frustration and then he came up with our plan! He went into work super early this morning and will be off early this afternoon, he's going to rent another sander and my brother and him are going to try and get these floors sanded and then hopefully the guy will come and put the first coat of poly on tomorrow night.

My super sweet dad is taking the girls to Carowinds today, which they are just THRILLED about!! So, I should be able to catch up on some laundry (since no one has anything clean since we've been gone so much this week!) and finish my kitchen table. My mom took the girls to get their haircut on Saturday and they both look so cute!! Taylor went super short, which I'm very glad about, her hair is so thick that it's very hard to manage when it gets long, and she looks so sweet!!! But bless her heart, she spend the night with a friend the other night and they were riding scooters and she fell and really scratched her face up pretty bad! I feel so bad for her! Hope left her hair long, which is good since her hair is so thin it does well long!

Kennedy is still not walking and now she's not even trying. I'm calling the dr. today to see if I can get her in this week to see what they think. She is 18 months old now and I just think it's all very unusual. I think her foot might have something wrong, but who knows, I could be wrong but I feel like she at least needs to be checked out, she's due for her checkup anyways!

So life is busy, chaotic and oh did I mention stressful???!!! =) But through it all, I have heard my sweet Lord whispering in my ear, "I'm here, I know what's going on, it's going to be ok." There have been many blessings through this whole process......finding light fixtures on BIG TIME SALE....meeting some of our very sweet neighbors.......our families helping out so much.....Kris just being awesome.....and so much more!! I have really been praying continually through this whole process. Every time I'm out buying something I've been praying for God to lead, lead, lead. I refuse and I mean refuse to go over our budget or to take out credit cards to pay for this whole process. I am trusting on the Lord and if that means I don't have any living room furniture right now, then that is what it will mean. He will provide and I know He sees our obedience to not go into debt in this process.

Thank you my friends for all of your prayers, support and encouraging words!! I was so thrilled the other night when I checked my e-mail to find all kinds of support!!! THANK YOU!!! Have a super dooper blessed day!!!


Kim said...

Keep your eye on the finish line - I can testify that no house project goes as quickly as you think it will! Enjoy your day and keep thinking about the day that you will be in that house. Encourage and affirm Kris...and be thankful that he is so handy. Tell Taylor that I can't wait to see her hair and that I am praying that her face heals quickly.

Karen said...

Oh I wish I lived there and could help, you know how much I LOVE doing projects!!!!

Kim is totally right! I can't tell you how many melt downs I had when we did the kitchen at the townhouse. I said I would NEVER do a kitchen again. What happened. We move and have to do the kitchen, only from scratch this time. Hang in there!!!! There are lots of happy times coming.

I bet Taylor looks like a movie star, she is so pretty. If you have time, can you send some pictures with Sissy when she comes to Vagus???

I hope Kennedy is ok. Dan had a friend who did not walk until he was Three!!

Keep me posted, and a happy day to you.

Aunt Karen

pinkmommy said...

I know it is frustrating. I have been there when we were building our house. I contracted out myself. A lot of contractors let me down, but in the end our house was finished and we know love living in it! Hang in there! I will be praying!

Leigh Gray said...

Sit down and breath!!!!!!!! I know you are so excited... i am excited to just close on our house on Friday, but even more excited for you!!! This too is a process and possibly a test. Keep your heart glued to Ps. 19:14. Don't forget to take pictures!!! I can't wait to see before and after!!

I would not be too concerned about Kennyboo's (hope it is ok if i call her that) foot. I think red flags go up around 2 years. Even though she is so young, moving and stress affects them as well. She may be holding off for you as a sweet gesture!! Crawling is not near as fast as a walking and running toddler!! It will come!!

Nicki - i am so happy for you all. I am excited you are past the stage of looking for a house. I am excited you are peering into your new windows and can dream of blessings and fun times. I am just so excited things are rolling. Construction at any level is never on time and never early. So it sounds liek things are going along just perfectly even if you want it faster!! Be encouraged - He has provided and blessed you!!

Oh by the way - do you ahve any concrete to pour or any place you could bury a Bible in the foundation??? I think that is always a really neat thing!!

Sorry so long, I am just so plum excited for you all!

Lisa said...


Moving was no fun for us and we had no projects to do. Just hang on, it will all fall into place in HIS time. God is working on me at this very moment about his timing, moving to a higher level in him is scary to me. he could very well be testing your patience. You're like've been blessed beyond measure and we still want it right now. Please take this with a loving my post later and it will explain...I just feel like I needed to tell you that.

Love ya girl,

Valarie said...

Girl, be prepared this week! The enemy knows where you're going this weekend and he's gonna try his best to discourage you because he's seen what it's done to the rest of us!! Pick up that Sword you have and get ready for a battle and REMEMBER that YOU WILL WIN!!!!

I love ya girl.

Lisa said...


I hope and pray I did not offend you in anyway. I did not mean for it to come across that way. Please forgive me if I did.


Sharon said...

I don't think I could use the word jealous but I would love to be going on a prayer retreat. How great that you don't have to cancel because of all that is going on.
Thank God for your man stepping up to the plate.
How exciting it will be when you finally get to move in and it is 'all" right.
It will happen--keep your eyes on Him.