Monday, June 25, 2007

Thunder that shakes a soul

Last night we had an awful, loud storm here. I'm just as bad during a storm as the girls....."Oh no, here it comes, cover your ears! We're gonna be struck by lighting, where's the flashlight?! Get under the covers! Think happy thoughts!".....yes that is what is going on through my mind during storms, I hate them, Kris loves them. In fact he'd just assume be standing right outside in the middle of it all! One time the girls and I saw on TV that a really bad storm was on the way and they were thinking tornados were coming too.....I kid you not, we went into a closet for over an hour and just sat there! =)

I don't like storms real ones or the ones in my life. But last night at whatever time it was and I saw lighting and then felt the thunder that seemed right above our heads.......I could feel it deep in my soul. And I started thinking, God, this is how I know how big you are. You are loud. Must you be so loud? I can definately hear you! Have you ever wondered why people refer to the bad things of our life as storms? I think about how when we are at the pool and the anxiousness of dark clouds in the distant......The lifeguards are going "yes, come on storm!" (I know, I was a lifeguard once!) the kids are going, "Maybe if we scream louder they won't hear the thunder"! But in the distant we all see it coming, and the signs begin very slowly at first but they are there!

A sprinkle here or there, a distant roar of thunder, perhaps a sign of lighting....but usually it rolls in very quickly and is out just as quick....unless it's a hurricane! Then it may stay a bit longer then a typical "summer shower". But the after effects of a hurricane our much greater than that of a "summer shower". Sometimes if we don't "hear" the roar of thunder......we may not see the storm coming. But we will "hear" it when it gets here. Maybe that's why God allows us to go through "storms". He's tried to get our attention before, with quite roars of thunder here or there, a sprinkle here or there....but we ignore it, we keep on swimming. But finally when that storm comes and lightining and thunder are crashing all around us, it's to late, the storm is here.

I love this verse in Psalms 107:28-30 "Then they cry out to the Lord in their trouble, And he brings them out of their distresses. He clams the storm so that it's waves are still. Then they are glad because they are quiet: So then He guides them to their desired haven." So whether we are facing just another "summer shower" or we are in the midst of a hurricane....we can find hope in the fact that Jesus will calm the stomr........he will make the air still again and he will calm all that is around us. And then he will guide us, and lead us to His sweet promises once again.

Dearest Lord,

Thank you for reminding me again of how big you are. Although I may only be going through a "summer sprinkle" in my life right now, I know you are there. I know you are guiding me in everything I do. I'm sorry for the times I fear you have turned your back on me and have left me alone. I know you will never leave me alone. Father, this is not a fun time in my life right now. Things have been very stressful and you know all that is going on. Although I may not be in a hurricane, and I praise you for that, I feel you're here even in the midst of summer showers. Lord, I see the signs all around me and I'm recognizing these storms that are in uproar in the distance. Prepare me now for what is ahead but I pray that the storms would pass quickly and quietly because your hand is upon it.

I have many people on my heart today, many people who are in their own storms. Lord let them hear your voice and quiet their spirit. Allow them to feel the thunder of you so much that it would "shake their souls". Lord help us to always know that you are still there, you are not on a break and you are listening to each care and concern we have. Father do not make us have to go through hurricanes to hear your voice. Let us see the warnings and know that you are speaking and listen!

God I thank you for this great country in which I have been blessed to live in. I pray for the leadership of our country and I pray that your hand would move in their lives. Hear the prayers of your humble people and step down Lord. God show yourself to this country, show that your hand has not been lifted and you are still in control. But Lord, let it begin with me....always. Change my heart, teach me your ways and make me stand on your promises as I am today. God do something big through me, use me in ways I never knew possible. But never for my glory, but always for yours. I love you Lord, be with me all day, help me to pray all day long and to never cease praying to you.


*Celebrate America was great! Lucy I wish I would've known in advance that we were going to the 3pm performance. But, althought we didn't meet face to face, I'm quite sure you heard my little miss Kennedy......yes, she was the one screaming during most of the quite moments! ugh.......thankfully Kris took her out and allowed me to enjoy the performance!

No house news today, still looking but not today. I'm about to drive myself and my gas tank crazy driving through every neighborhood in Charlotte! Today I'm just gonna enjoy my youngins. We were supposed to go to the pool today, but it's only 9:30 and the girls were fighting so they lost the privellage. But we'll see.....maybe they will have a gracious mommy and she will allow them to earn it back. =) Well, I'm off to get this baby walking! We gotta have her walking by the time we go to the beach!!! Crawling babies on the beach is NOT FUN, lot's of sand in the face! Walking ones are fine! She's 17 months!! it's TIME!!!!

Sorry for the really long post today! Have a super blessed day!!


CrownLaidDown said...

Praying for God to continue to guide you all to ther best place---the one He's already hand-picked for your family. The one that has special parts just for you, Nicki (maybe even a storm shelter? I'm smiling as I write that). We lived in a fort and always felt safe in storms. I truly enjoy them, like your husband. I'm always out watching and listening and smelling the rain.

One thing you wrote reminded me of the Phillips Craig and Dean song, "How Great You are, how small I am, how awesome is the Father's plan..." He's got a plan Sweet Friend! 'Praying that you get the best of the best of what He gives (some joy and peace and patience, some kindness and goodness and gentleness, faithfulness and self-control--the kind of gifts that last and last for future generations).

Sharon said...

The other night a VBS we ended the night with a huge lightening storm. All the children were going crazy--afraid that it would get them. I talked to Julia on the way home about God and the lightening. The fact that He is the one who tells it where to go and where it has to stop.
It is his creativity on display. She went with it and by the time we arrived home she was talking about the lightening like it was an artistic masterpiece of God.
Beth Moore once did a talk about how the very throne of God is electric. It moves on wheels across the heaven or where ever he wants to go. I imagine that as his throne moves it sends bolt of lightening thundering through the heavens. If we are seeing the lightening maybe he is sitting right over the top of us looking in real close?
I love the thunder and lightening--it reminds me of the awesome power of my God. In Job God talks about the storehouses of lightening. I wonder if they are almost empty? I think that maybe that would mean he is coming back soon.
Come Lord Jesus come!
When are you going to the beach?
We will be in Maggie Valley, N.C July 22-27 at Lake Junaluska for our end of the summer conference. Think you'll be up for some new visitors in your new home by then?
Did that send you into a panic? LOL
I have a smile on my face as I tell you I was just joking. Go can start breathing again!
I will go, I need to go and clean some bathrooms. Yuck! But I guess it is better than having no bathroom to clean. :)

Nicki said...

If I have a house ya'll come on!! We LOVE visitors!!! =) But I seriously doubt we'll have one by then! Maybe next year??? We leave for the beach July 9th for the whole week.....whooohooo!!

pinkmommy said...

Wonderful post! I am praying for you to make it to the other side of your storm stronger, and for you to see what God is telling you through it. He is amazing how He can use anything and everything to talk to us and teach us.

Kim said...

Sam had no need to walk either - we carried him everywhere we went! He was almost 15 months when he learned. He was too comfortable cruising on furniture to reach what he wanted -