Sunday, June 24, 2007

A challenge for you!

It's a quite morning........rare in my life! My parents have gone to Seattle for the week.....(don't you hear the big sigh in my tone???!!! hee!! hee!!) Taylor and Hope spent the night with Kris's mom and Kris is on call at church this morning. Kennyboo and I were going to go, but she has been SO fussy the past few days and running a fever I thought it would be better for us just to hang out today. I always miss church when I don't's rare, but occasionally Ms.Kennedy just isn't up to par, such as today.

I had really wanted to go to this thing at our church tonight but I couldn't find anywhere for Kennedy to go and I KNOW she wouldn't be good! It's called Celebrate America..........and I'm sure it's going to be awesome. I wanted to share this video with you all, it's amazing. I have to tell you, I have been around the world and back again......and I just am so thankful that I am an American. Having lived all over the world and traveled pretty much to all corners of the world, there truly is no place like this country we live in. We as Americans have become such whiners........we find anything to criticize our country about, but we have so much to be thankful for......I'm thankful that I had two grandfathers that fought for my freedom, I'm thankful that I have a cousin that went to Iraq and fought for us.......I'm thankful to have a Dad who taught me the history of this country and who continually talks politics with me! =) I'm thankful that If I chose to......I can sit in a park and pray.........I'm thankful that I can go to the grocery store and buy whatever I choose.......I'm thankful that I can read my bible and talk about my awesome God, with no fears. I'm thankful for the American flag and what it means to me.........freedom, hope, support, life, liberty and justice. That flag has stood through it all.......each war.......each attack......that's our history....that's our country ya'll!!

This song brought me chills the first time I heard it.........growing up the fourth of July was always such a huge celebration in our lives and I want that for my girls too. I want them to know that American flag and all it stands for. No matter how screwed up people think this country is......I know that our God has His hands over our country.......I know we must make Him so sad each time we push him out, but I'm pushing him back in here today and I hope that you will do the same on your blogs. Let's start a huge movement.....right here in blogger world! Post this video on your blog right now and post why you are proud to be an American! Post a comment, link it to your blog........whatever you choose, but let's do this BIG!!! Support our our flag.....I love this video:

quick change of plans........we are going to Celebrate America at 3pm, hopefully they will let us change our tickets we had them for 7, and hopefully Miss Kennyboo will behave her little self!! Have a great day!


Kim said...

We will be there at 3:00 today too! I have always been patriotic and I am excited that our HGBCS kids will be doing a similar program for Veteran's Day this fall - Listen to Dr. Brown's sermon today - it was INCREDIBLE!

Sharon said...

First........enjoy your week!
Sleep when you want to sleep, dress the way you want to dress,eat when you want to eat. And best of all no 4:30 wake up calls by your Mom. :)
Next, great music video. I'm going to try and post it. I don't think I have post a video yet.
Hope you enjoyed your event.

Neva said...

How was it?
Hope you had a wonderful time!
The video was beautiful and inspiring.
Thanks for sharing it.
Still praying.