Friday, June 22, 2007


Whoa..........this morning I read something that has made me go OH MY GOODNESS!!! I don't know why exactly this has never hit me like this but it hasn't. Romans 2:1 "You therefore, have no excuse, you who pass judgement on someone else, for at whatever point you judge the other, you are condemning yourself, because you who pass judgement do the same things." Ya'll.........this is huge!!! Do you realize that what this is saying is every little judgement I pass on anyone.....whether it's the person standing on the corner begging for money or a gossip in our church....that I am going to be judged in the same way??? Ouch, Ouch, Ouch is what I have to say!!!

I think about how many times A DAY do thoughts pass through my mind that are very judgemental. Now, please don't think I go about reading your blogs and judging away...that's not what I'm talking about, and before you sit upon your "mighty non-judgemental throne" =), sit and think for a second truly how many thoughts we have that are "judgements". Oh Lord......forgive me......(Kris just turned on the TV and put on Saved by the Bell and I just thought, 'What a child he still is...') SEE!! See how many thoughts are judgemental ahhh!!!! Lord forgive me for my judgmental thoughts for my peanut butter sandwich eating, Saved by the Bell watching, Vanilla wafers munchin husband I have!! =) (hee hee, my dad just walked in and he changed the channel.....gotta put something manly on!!)

I guess what I have seen more than anything, even as I'm looking at houses, is how careful I need to be to not place judgements or even stereotypes on people. And I have to make it a conscious effort! The Lord always knows my heart.........and He always knows when we hold ugly things in our hearts. But how do we do this each day? Each moment that passes us by and each ugly thought that enters our minds? Scripture is an awesome way to start......praying those verses, it's huge. But I really believe that so much of our battle is because we don't recognize our sin the moment it happens.........and like this morning my eyes were opened to how many times a day I truly to pass a judgement on someone or something, God's gonna open my eyes I'm quite sure MANY times today!! But the key is RECOGNIZE!!!

Well, Kris is home today, which I'm thrilled about! (that's NOT sarcastic either) He's been a working like crazy man lately and I'm just glad to have him home!! I'm off to look at the MLS to see if there are any new houses that have come up today. Still pressing on.........not discouraged, VERY hopeful!! God's working in big ways, I'm praying, believing and gonna be receiving! Have a very blessed, awesome, judgmental-free day!!!

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Sharon said...

You must have been reading my man Oswald Chambers--read the same thing this morning. The thing that stuck with me were the verses in Psalm 18 about God word being perfect and flawless. Flawless in that it has been tried and found true.
I like the sound of that in my mind.
His words are flawless--I don't have to wonder if someone might just find they don't work.