Thursday, June 21, 2007

I will press on!

Found a house.......made an offer........they counter-offered FULL PRICE (they must not wanna sell to bad!) I will press on again today!!! AHHHHH!!!!

Someone said something to me yesterday that really struck me in the heart, in a bad way.......They said to me, "You know Nicki, you may just have to "settle" on something that you just don't like." I feel as though I may need to explain my faith....just a tensy winsy to you all!!! I do not serve a "settling" type of God. However, I do serve a God who has required major obedience from Kris and I with our He does everyone, but He has revealed to us a price range that we need to be in, and it's a challenging's not impossible but it's challenging. I FIRMLY believe because we are choosing to wait upon Him, and allow HIM to lead us, the house will come. The obedience is there, the blessing is on it's way.

There have been MANY days where I have been tempted to increase that price range..........and if we went up just a little I know we could find something pretty easily..........I've even had the thoughts, "well I could homeschool.......or I don't have to send Hope to pre-schoool.......or I could try to find a job again (ha!).........." My friends.......our God is so much bigger than "finding a house"! Our God is so much greater than "settling"!! I don't think God wants to make our lives so complicated........He wants to bless us, but it requires sacrifice and obedience. And that is where I am at today.

Will the enemy try and knock me down and prepare me for failure? OH YES, and he will even make "failure" look really good. Although there have been days where I have asked myself, "What are we doing?"..........I know in the end it will all be worth it. Do I love living with my parents and sleeping on the floor??? NO, but I know in the end it will be worth it. We will wait upon Him.........We will wait for HIM to open the door to our new home, and my friends, I will not settle for anything but God's best. And I'm quite sure God will reveal to Kris and I in HIS time what His best is. Personally, I don't know if our house is even for sale yet...........I don't. Or it could be for sale, and God's waiting on a price drop. Or maybe God is delaying this so we have the opportunity to save more. I cannot put a time limit on God!

Friends as scripture says, "With God all things are possible!", and I have that faith that God is going to do what He says He's going to do. If I don't wait then I'm gonna totally miss what God has.........and haven't I said so much, "How many blessings have I missed out on because I was impatient?" It will be the 11th ALWAYS is!!! =) But, God knows when I'm truly in my 11th hour......I may feel like I'm there, but I'm not.......I will press on, and I will wait upon Him.

This is a quite period in my life........and I'm ok with that. I'm soaking up this baby because I know these days are passing me by. I'm soaking up these girls and all the funny and VERY SMART things they say! I know there will come a summer when it's filled with Friends, Summer Jobs and Camps. The Lord slowed me down big time......and I fought it will ALL my might, but I know that at this time it is what He has required for me. He has given me a clear mind so that I can pray for you my family.......and even strangers.........

So please do not tell me to "settle"........God has changed my heart.....He has revealed to me many things about this world and the possessions we have. I am not being greedy or have my expectations to high. But, I am simply waiting on Him........and it's in His time, not mine or Kris's. Someone asked me before, "How will you know that it's the house God sent?". I really don't know........but I can tell you this.......every house that we've looked at, something has been in the back of my mind saying, "Nicki, this is not it.......just wait, I'm gonna knock your socks off!" Will it be a "feeling"? I don't know........will it just work out and not be so complicated? Possibly......I just go back to what Sharon said to me a while back........"No one and nothing is going to keep you from God's blessing." And I seriously have said that to Kris and the girls a million times throughout this process. When He shows us the house, it's already a done deal....we just have to obey.

So if you feel discouraged today about some area in your life, take courage bold and be so obedient that He will truly bless you in ways you didn't know were possible. I always have said, Sometimes God is doing things that we just can't know about right now........Although it may "seem" that He's not there and He's stepped off the throne and gone on a break........he hasn't! God's got it worked out......He really does and He will show you in due time! But please, Do not "settle" for anything but God's best!!!

Have a very blessed day!!!


Neva said...


"Delight in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart"
Psalms 37:4

Truly, truly He will-- :)


Sharon said...

That is what I am talking about.
When truth touched by Satan rears its head--knock it down with FAITH!

Fear knocked-Faith answered--no one was there.

Our God is electric--when He touches your life--He can't help but knock your socks off!
He is an above and beyond God.
We will give Him the attributes that are His--no others are worthy to be listed with His name.
He is the great I AM.

You go girl!

Kim said...

Press on, on!

CrownLaidDown said...

Amen, Sister! He's got a plan...and you need to eek out every single gift that He gives right now...showing Who He is and showing off! Savor won't regret that at all.
Love and prayers,

the good, the bad & the ugly said...

A year ago we decided to down size. We were pregnant with our third child and God convicted us that our mortgage was too much. We moved into a house that was $100,000 less than our previous house. It was hard. We had buit our previous house, prayed over the soil and welcomed many of the neighbors. But we were very excited to obey and follow our Savior. Any way, just when I thought a house DID NOT exist that was the size we needed (3 bedroom plus a room in basement for my husband to work), we found our house. It was that big, plus more. (extra room and bathroom in basement, pool, cul de sac, wooded neighborhood, etc.) In His timing, God blessed our obedience and patience. All this to say...He WILL certainly bless yours, too! Press on in faith!