Wednesday, June 20, 2007

It's been a quite day......not much going on. I'm actually not feeling all that well today, but life must go on! I think I might try to steal a few snoozes while Kennedy is down for her nap. We went and saw our old neighbor Mrs. Martha today. It was good to see her but sad to see some other people living in our old house. But it's ok.........We made an offer on a house yesterday, still haven't heard back. We'll see....I'm learning to not get my hope's up about a lot of this. It's very draining!

Well, that's all for now........I'm just super tired. Talk to you tomorrow!
Have a blessed day!


Sharon said...

Get some rest and take care of yourself.
Talk to ya later.

Kim said...

I think we are all super tired! Notice my post yesterday too - Taylor seemed to have fun at VBS this week - it was great seeing her each evening! Have a great day - I will continue to pray about the housing situation....