Friday, June 08, 2007

Sometimes we just can't know

Yesterday was a pretty good day. I actually took all three of these girly's to the pool.........something I was terrified of. Having been a life-guard I guess I'm overly protective of these girl's with the water. I "know" all the stuff that can happen especially with three kids all in different stages of swimming. But it actually worked out great, they were all super good! And God blessed me in a big way as one of my good friend's just happened to be there! Kennedy actually woke up in a very good mood this morning, something I'm rejoicing's been a long week with a cranky baby!!!

You know something I've come to realize during my prayer time is the way God works. There are just many things that we pray about that God isn't going to give us an answer right away. So it has been with many things in my life lately. The thing that I've just held onto is this..........You know how when you were a little kid and your parents would have conversations that were "nonya business" =)? Well, how many times do we stop and really tell God, "I know there are things that are happening that I just can't know about right now." When God is working things out He does not have to share each detail with us. Can you imagine how confused we would get? Just like parents trying to figure things out with their children and normally we do not tell them until the end results are there. I think about times where I have told the girl's something and then it didn't work out and how disappointed they were but if they would just hold on a minute, something better was around the corner.

Just as parents we always have the best interest of our children in mind.........certainly God always has our best interest in mind too! If we will just hang on and trust's on it's way! I think of a person that I knew that I was going to bless in a big way. But before I had the chance to even tell this person they had already "figured it out" on their own (and trust me, their way wasn't a good thing, it was a lot harder) heart was so sad because I wanted to help this person in a big way but they had run to their own emotions and didn't wait for God to step down. If they would have just "held on" a minute I would've been able to explain to them the way that I would be able to help them out...........but they didn't and they missed the blessing.

Now, I use that as an example but trust me there have been plenty of times where I have missed the blessing in my life, I'm SURE. Even though I may not ever know about it here on earth I know there have been times where I have been so anxious, so impatient that I just "did it myself". Oh how God has been changing that in my life. God always has every detail worked out........and if we'd just wait on him it's ALWAYS going to be better than the way we'd do it! But because we have been taught in our society lives by the Burger King motto "Have it your way right away", can you imagine what we've missed out on??? Ew...........not a pretty thought. I think about all the heartache I would have NOT had, had I just waited upon the Lord.

Patience is truly a virtue........and I'm not just talking about Patience with our children or husbands....every mom/wife faces that struggle............but I believe the Patience that God wants us to have goes way deeper than not blowing up at the moment. Patience is a total surrender.........completely dependent on God for ALL things. Now, this does not mean just sitting and waiting for God to drop it out of the sky.....although sometimes He does work that way!!!........but it's being so deep in our prayer life and so guided by the Holy Spirit that everything we do is in step with Him. Oh how I long for that for my life, to be in complete step with Him all day long. I don't know if we can ever attain that in this life but I know the more we try, the better off we are truly going to be.

Kris said something yesterday that really made me stop and think things through with this whole housing situation...........there is this song that's called "Be Magnified" and I tried to find it on youtube but it's not out there (Valerie, I think you should sing it and put it out there!!!).........but the words say, "I have made you to small in my mind..........Oh Lord forgive me. And I have believed in the lie that you were unable to help me." How many times a DAY do we do that? Ugh....that frustrates me!!!

Dearest Lord,

I cannot thank you enough for the ways that you are working that I cannot know about at this time. I see your hand upon my life and I just praise you for that. Lord, keep me grounded, keep me real. This patience thing's tough. But I know that your word tells me that you will work ALL things out for the good in my life. I trust you and I wait upon you during times where I don't know what's going to happen. Thank you Lord for keeping life interesting, for keeping it "ever changing". Thank you that through everything I face I can take something from it.....something that maybe one day I will be able to help someone else.

God you are so good and so big and my mind is not able to grasp it. Help me Lord. Lord, do not let me make you small, EVER! God whatever you do in these situations in my life I know that it's all for the good of your kingdom and I know one day I will be able to understand the things I don't right now.

Lord this whole day is yours......let me walk in step with you each moment, continually praying and lifting others up. There are many people and many situations on my heart and let your gentle spirit remind me to keep praying throughout the day. I love you Lord and I lift your name, you holy and perfect name on high.



Leigh Gray said...

Be Magnified would be perfect for my post today as well. Believing God is Who He says He is - we have mad Him too small in our eyes. I hope you will go participate and tell Kim too!

Kim said...

Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog today - My visit went very well - I prayed all the way to school and just as I turned in the parking lot - Satas started throwing darts - what if's? I prayed him away -and had a joyful visit - Even had a stranger say'"Don't tell me that you are the 1st grade teacher that I heard about theat encourages children to choose joy in Jesus rather than hand Satan a victory?" It turned out that I taught her friend's child last year at HG? How cool is that? Thank you Lord for the reminder that you are ALWAYS in control! Have a great day Nikki!
Kiss my sweet Taylor for me and tell her to keep learning! Tell her that I will be doing crafts for 1st grade VBS and I hope to see her!