Friday, June 08, 2007


Oh ya'll...........GOD IS SO GOOD. We have a contract on the house we were bidding on!!! And it's a GREAT contract!!! God's timing is ALWAYS the 11th hour in my life! But HE ALWAYS comes through........we waited ALL day to hear from the bank about our offer (since it's a short sale it goes through the bank not the seller) and by 5pm I had just about given up on getting an answer today......BUT at 6pm my realtor called and gave us the totally awesome news!!! We are so excited!! But what thrilled my heart MORE than anything was the way these girl's were running around in giggles and smiles saying "God gave us the house!! God blessed us! Yay God!!!" We have had MANY conversations with these girls about how everything is God's and when HE chooses to step down and bless us HE will. Those little girls have prayed EVERY night for the right house to come and it has come. We were all rejoicing this evening and my spirit is at peace........I knew that was our house, I knew God would step down. I knew God would show up in the 11th hour (I should never expect him to be early!!)

We close July 17th, I think is the date. So just a few more weeks........I know I can do it!! =) Have a blessed night, I hope you are finding God in your 11th hour!


Kim said...

PRAISE HIM! GREATLY IS HE TO BE PRAISED! - read my most recent post about witnessing - I have been checking your blog on the hour because I believed and knew that God was going to MOVE today! I am so excited for you all - jump for joy with those precious girls -they will never forget this experience! Isn't it sweet how they get that ALL things come from GOD?

Leigh Gray said...

Oh Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep believing!!!

Love, Leigh

Lucy said...

I am so excited for you!!! GOD IS SO INCREDIBLY AWESOME!!!!!! Keep us posted as things keep rolling toward moving day!!! I can't wait to read the very first post you make from your new house!!!

Blessings on ya!!!

Sharon said...

He is always good!
I'm soooo happy for you!