Monday, June 11, 2007

Believing God with Leigh Gray

I hope you too will hop over to Leigh's blog and participate in the Believing God bible study that she is doing on there. Here are the questions this week and my answers:

1) Who was the God you were presented to as young child or new believer? I grew up in the church my whole life, I've always thought of God as so big and so powerful but I think he was presented to me the way Santa and the Easter bunny was........lot's of bible stories, bible crafts and fun games at church but I don't think anyone ever made God a "today God" when I was little.

2) When problems arose was that god useful - could you put any faith in that perception of God? I'd have to say no

3) "Faith that remains unchallenged ordinarily remains unchanged", Moore. What are your challenges in the past or present that are shaping not only your faith, but possibly your perception of who God is? The awesome thing about my relationship with God is I have truly seen him step down in HUGE ways in my life. But my perception of this God who hold all of our blessings in heaven and takes them away when we sin.........that has changed. Also my perception of God that all he wants to do is punish me has changed drastically too........I walk daily in the grace of God because I have truly turned from my sins. God showed up in a BIG way for us on Friday with this house and I needed that........I needed Him to step down because I was growing weak........but I've learned that if I will just HOLD ON, the blessing is on the way and sometimes things are happening that I just can't see or know about!

4) I am sure we will not ever completely KNOW Him until we see Him face to face. So what is He convicting you about now - are you worshipping an idol god that has been created in man's image? or are you worshipping Him - who He says He really is? I have been very convicted that I give up before God allows me to be who he says he is! For some reason in my life, He is always and I mean ALWAYS the 11th hour God to me. He is NEVER early, NEVER late but ALWAYS right on time. So God has been teaching me that even in the 11th hour when I'm ready to give up if I will increase my faith and hold on a few more minutes, He's going to do what He says he has!!

5) Go to Jer. 10:4-6. Do you have a scarecrow? What is it adorned with? Pray now asking God to really reveal Who He is in your life! There is none like Him. I guess what I am just seeing over and over is this complete surrender that God wants me to have in Him. To completely trust is a hard issue for me because I have had so many situations in my life with either a friend or even my husband where the trust has been broken. I'm such a "gotta fix it" kinda girl and that's not how God wants me to be. I so love how He is drawing me closer and closer to him that I am being able to discern his voice the minute I'm out of step.

That was great Leigh, thanks! I look foreword to the next one! Deep questions!! We had a pretty good weekend. We took the girl's to the pool on Friday and on Saturday we went to the Y in the morning and then the girl's had a graduation party for some good friends of ours. They are actually moving and it's been so sad, I'm going to miss them so much! Then Kris's mom so graciously offered to keep the girls Sat night so Kris and I could have some time alone. Thank you!!!! Sunday was church, running and going out to eat!

Ya'll I have just been on top of the mountain with this house thing! God is so good and I just can't stand it!!! I just want to tell everyone I know! I know that nothing is final until the day we sign those papers away but I know that's our house. I feel so good about. I know we might have some challenges between now and then but, I'm so just walking in step just trusting that God is going to provide for EVERYTHING that we need. On Friday night when we went to our realtor's house to sign the papers, I saw a stepping stone in her garden that said one of my favorite verse, "Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart." And I think what I love more than anything is that my desires have changed!!! Praise God!! I do realize that most likely there will come a day when those girls desperately want their own room and maybe we would need more space, but I don't even look to those days........I'm just praising God for what He has done right now. He has given us what we need and then some!!

Well, it's a sleepy day around here...........We need to go to the grocery store but everyone seems pretty sleepy. I guess they had a busy weekend so they are wore out! I also have some news to share ( NO, I'm not pregnant!) I've decided that I'm going to attempt to run the 1/2 marathon with kris here in Charlotte in December. Kris is running the full marathon (26.2 miles!!). I think that's what I needed was another seemingly impossible goal to get my tooshie running again. So Kris showed me this training schedule that should get me in some good shape and drop the rest of these pounds. So, it means we'll be at the Y a LOT!!! My legs are very sore but I know in a few more days it will be better. So, I guess I'd better try to get these girls and myself motivated!! Have a blessed day!!


Leigh Gray said...

thanks for sharing your comments.... i love hearingabout each of our faiths...

love and excited for you!

Neva said...

Congratulations on the new blessings. Isn't our God amazing? I love the wait He picks our hearts up and makes them beat so joyously, just when we thought they were crushed beyond repair.
I am praying all goes well at the signing and that very soon your family in praising God in your new home.