Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Just a moment of praise

Tonight all the girls are asleep very early, they were just tired........Kris is working which leaves me here alone, my mom is traveling, my dad sits in the garage and watches TV.....(I know...weird!) But what's got me a little misty eyed is that on nights like this I would be taking the baby monitor and sitting on Mrs. Martha's front porch (of course I could see the house and the garage door was on the side). I would tell her all about my day and she would tell me stories of her past, she taught me many life lessons on that porch.....It makes me miss home....but it's going to be ok, I know it is! There are just no nice neighbors to chat with here, not something I used to!!!

So I look at these rare quiet moments for this season as a time of praise. A while ago I share with you my favorite worship song, but none could speak more highly at this time than my sweet girl Taylor's favorite song. Her and Hopie sing this song with ALL their might whenever we play it in the car. So, if you need just a moment to escape and draw to the throne, I think this video will do it's job!!

Sitting at his feet,

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