Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Perfect Faithfulness

This has not been a good morning so far. I woke up late, Kris is acting like........himself, Hope is sick, Taylor can't find her shoes,..........ugh.............just one of those days! I feel God saying to me, Well you should've been up when I woke you up at 5! I feel just yucky sitting here right now. I feel like so many days I let the Lord down. He has required me (I didn't say you, me) to get up before everyone and spend my time alone with him. But, my flesh has been so weak the past few weeks. And I feel like all my flesh does is proving that I am not a morning person! But the bad thing is, GOD IS!!!! He is SO a morning person!!

And then this morning I read this verse that just warms my heart. This week in the Beth Moore study we've been looking at idols in our lives, finding satisfaction only through Him and overcoming our strongholds. You know I've had a pretty anxious heart lately. Something I would be bold enough to say has been a huge stronghold for me. But listen to this verse:

Isa 25:1 "O Lord, you are my God; I will exalt you and praise your name, for in perfect faithfulness you have done marvelous things, things planned long ago."

I can find so much comfort in that today knowing that my life has been planned out, by Him. He has it all worked out, till the day I stand before him face to face. So when God does something BIG it's not just because He feels like it, He's planned it all out! I LOVE the phrase Perfect Faithfulness. Whoa......those are STRONG two words put together! Perfect.....never messes up, never is wrong, never goes the wrong way, just right on all the time.......Faithfulness....always there, even in the last second, right by my side, ON my side, never leaving or forsaking me, trust.........those two words together are just plain AMAZING!

I am finding that drawing His words into my heart is critical at this time in our lives. So many things are up in the air right now. Not a lot to fall back on either. You know I've always had people ask me well, what's plan B? The funny thing about all we are going through, is, there is no plan A or plan B!!! I could say that we are just making it up as we go, and to the world it would really seem that way, but the truth is, we are on God's plan, and we are finally at the point where we know that our plans never seem to work out, and we've had MANY disappointments through that. But, If I will just hang on and let God lead me through this, nothing is going to be messed up or wrong, it's all going to be in His hands, His plan. His perfect faithfulness isn't going to be wrong. It may not make any sense to me, and I may even feel dumb for how far away from "My plan" it seems.

What freedom is to be experienced in that! To not try and figure things out, every little detail He's working out. I'm definitely a person who always has plan A and plan B. Kris is NOT AT ALL. Maybe it's the momma in me, but I think I've been like that before girly's. But here's where I fail the most..........When I get to plan A and it doesn't work out, I just feel like giving up. But that's when I need to hit my knees more than ever! So today, I can hang on, because God's Perfect Faithfulness......it's not on it's way.........it's already arrived! I can't see it all yet, but oh my oh my, it's here.

I think about those families that have lost a child in yesterday's tragedy. Oh how my heart aches for them. What a horrible incident and so many questions and so many why's, even from my heart. It really stops and makes you think about how we just never know........any day could be our last, any day could be our children's last, our spouses last. I can pray this morning that those families can and would experience God's Perfect faithfulness, even today.

Sweet Promises from my Lord, even if it is late in the morning! I guess I'd better make sure my alarm goes off extra early tom. so I can "think" that I slept in! Have a very blessed, finding Perfect Faithfulness day!

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