Friday, February 09, 2007

Little Sins??

This morning my quite time is about all those little temptations that we face every day. But my question is, Are there really such things as little sins? Who came up with that? I've NEVER seen anything is the bible that says God views our sins differently. But if I'm wrong PLEASE SHOW ME. I really feel like a sin is a sin to God. But I think what whoever wrote this devotion, is trying to say is when we allow one sin in, another one is soon to follow. Kind of reminds me of lying, you usually have to tell more than one to cover up the other one. It also reminds me of being on weight watchers! You eat one piece of chocolate and then another is soon to follow, at least that's the way with me. I'm pretty much an all or nothing kinda girl. Which isn't a good thing, especially with diet and exercise!

But isn't that what often messes us all up? The "little" things. The "little" piece of chocolate, the "little" lie, the "little" attitude. These "little" things often lead to much bigger things. Although I personally believe that God views all sins the same. I think we have to stop putting "levels" on our sins. It's really all a matter of the heart. None of us are perfect and we sin daily. It's our human side that judges sins in order to make ourselves feel better. We'll tell ourselves, "It's not like I killed someone or anything like that...." When really in God's eyes it is all the same.

Well, I've gotten off to a very late start and I know I'd better scoodudle so I can get to the Y before it gets packed with munchkins! I went and ran last night after Kris got home. Kris really wants to go up to NY this summer when they have this race in honor of his uncle and he wants me to run it with him (well not WITH him but you know "with" him, he runs like a 6 or 7 min mile, I'm like around 12min!!!!Yes runners, laugh away!). So, I told him I would give this running thing a try. And my friend Shelia always says this weight will melt off with running so I'm trying! Have a blessed day and a great weekend!!

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