Monday, January 22, 2007

The way I think....

I honestly believe that so much of our relationships with Christ has to do with the perspective we have on the "things" of this world. I don't just mean material "things" but problems that rise up as well. I have to ask myself this morning, do I spend more time thinking about all the "things" in this world than do I thinking about God? Many days that answer is of course! My mind is "busy" with the here and now. I'm a BIG thinker. I think EVERYTHING out and many times this is good but many times it is bad.

So my confession.......ready? Many days I spend time "thinking" of the ways God could bless me. Isn't that awful? I think......Oh Lord, maybe you'll send Kris a side job today.....or........Maybe that person won't cash that check.......or.......Maybe you'll send me someone that can help me out with this or that....I'm always giving God lot's of ideas on ways he could bless me. But oh conviction once again as struck my soul! ugh....Instead my mind-set should be on......God what can I do today to bless others?........How can you use me in every situation in my life?........What is your word saying to me directly?.......How can I share your love with others?........

But no, I sit around and whine and complain about all the things God is not doing or not answering! I'm seriously having an issue with this! My mind is so focused on HOW God is going to answer a certain prayer then just trusting in Him to see me through.I feel like many times I'm like a child at Christmas.......guessing what's under the tree.......and doesn't that really ruin the fun when you know what's coming? Goodness........God's blessings are exactly the same! If I'm always trying to GUESS how God is going to take care of something, I very well could totally miss the blessing that he's trying to give me because my mind is focused somewhere else!

Proverbs 8:17 says this, "I love those who love me, and those who seek me find me." That is my verse today! But you know what else I'm going to do this whole week. I really believe that if maybe JUST maybe I take this focus off of me and really start praying and believing for OTHERS, God's going to show up BIG in my life. Not that I don't believe God wants me to pray about the things in my life.....but I've always said I will be honest so here I go.........This last week I spent more time praying about all the "things" that were wrong in my life, the "things" I just HAD to have an answer to.........and I really don't know I prayed for one person last week for more than a second. Oh ya'll please forgive me. Forgive me for my oh so selfish ways! But not this week, I will uphold my promises to pray for others, and you will come BEFORE my prayers. I'm very tempted to not even pray about any of this stuff in my's not like I haven't already laid it down at the cross, I don't have to keep doing that.

So please......if there is a way I can pray for YOU, let me know. I am committed to being a prayer warrior for you.My heart is overwhelmed with conviction right now! But, isn't that really when God is working the most? Tweaking me away! Getting this through my heart........for good. So Lord, you tweak away, no matter how much I have to confess, no matter how much I have to hurt!

Blessings to you today!

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