Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Chit Chat Gone Bad.....

I am so amazed at the tests of my tounge that I have been through the past few days. Yesterday, I was making copies for the cheerleaders cheers and someone who I rarely ever talk to came up to me in a very confrontational manner. I was really taken back by it. But as soon as this person began speaking to me, I realized right then and there.........I was being tested, and this woman was under attack. God's been speaking to me about the power of "chit chat" and how we as women can really harm one another. I'm amazed espeicially at this woman because I considered her a somewhat "godly" woman but the things that were coming out of her mouth were just awful. I very quickly ended the conversation but I really wasn't comfortable with how it ended. It's amazing because next week's bible study is on spiritual warfare. So.........let the battle begin!

Our tonges are very powerful. People's lives have been destroyed because of them........I too have been on the opposite end of chit chat gone bad........it's not a good feeling. Now, with non-Christian friends, I must honestly say that I really don't have a lot to say with them, they don't live the same life I do, so it's not always easy to find things to talk about. But oh my sisters......as Christian women we ALWAYS have something to talk about! If we are seeking the many mysteries of God....drawing closer to him each day......and really living our lives for him....there's always something to talk about. Let's stop being so fake with eachother, myself included.

Colossians 4:6 "Let your conversation be always full of grace, seasoned with salt so that you may know how to answer everyone." Oh my.........conviction has struck again! I really should have said to this woman, I don't want to listen to this.....it's over and I don't want any part of it. And walked away. But even though I didn't enter in the conversation, I still listened because I didn't want to be rude. Oh my..if Jesus felt that way, nothing would have every gotten done on this earth! I'm sure many people thought he was rude or crazy.

Bible study was last night as well as weigh in. I told ya'll that we moved the weight watchers meeting to right before bible study because everyone from ww was coming to bible study anyways so it simplified things! So.......everyone lost! yea!!! I actually lost the FOUR pounds I had gained the previous week. (But I really think two of those pounds was water weight because I had drank a TON before I weighed.....not smart) So, we're all on track! I can't wait to see how we all do next week.

We had a good discusion about $ last night! It was just good to get together and talk and laugh! Well, I know since God's convcited me on "chit chat" I'm gonna have to get the battle gear on this morning, because I'm sure I'll be tested again today. I think Hope is STILL not feeling well.....poor thing. So no pre-school for her today. She sure does eat some popciscles though!! I'd better go.....time for alarm clocks to go off!! Have a very blessed......."conversations full of salt and grace day!!" =)

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