Sunday, January 07, 2007

Quiet Sunday Morning

Leave it to the dog to wake me up with no girly's here! He's was right on schedule at 6am!!!The girl's are at Kris's mom's, the spent the night, I hope they did well! Kris and I went and ate at Salsarita's (our favorite cheap place to eat!) and then we went to Old Navy, didn't buy much, and then came home and watched a very disturbing movie. I don't like to watch scary movies but Kris compromised!! and now here I am STILL scared! But, I'm thankful that I'm awake today and ALONE!!! It's always so nice to plan a night w/o kids. It helps us remember that we are still people other than parents!

Yesterday morning, I had a little "incident" with HopeAnn. Remember I told you she's like a tape recorder???? Well, her and Taylor were in the playroom and I heard them talking and I hear Hope saying to Taylor, "Your so stupid." And not only did she say it once, but she said it like five times!!! SO, I go in the hallway and I point my finger at her to get in here NOW. She knew instantly that she was in big trouble! Taylor is so sweet...........she says, "Mommy, she wasn't saying it to me, she was saying it to her imaginary friend!" I didn't know what to believe so I showed that girl some mercy and instructed her VERY firmly that we DO NOT say things like that in our house! Of course she melted and felt very awful for what she had said. I don't know where all of this is coming from.........I'm hoping not from her pre-school. Although I did have a conversation with another mom who is having the same problem with her daughter, but this mom said she thinks her daughter is hearing it from her dad.

Oh.........the challenges HopeAnn brings to me! The thing is, I'm sure her teachers would just die if they knew she was saying things like this at home because she's so "sweet" at school. That's all I hear is, HopeAnn is so sweet, so nice, and so quiet!!! I have a feeling Hope is on the verge of asking Christ into her heart and she is at a critical point in her spiritual of course with that victory brings many challenges. She's is doing many of the same things Taylor did when I knew she was ready to ask Christ into her heart. (Being scared, Lot's of questions about Jesus, Saying things that she doesn't mean to say or doesn't even understand what she's saying, becoming very sensitive to passages in the bible, and talking to God in her bed at night) She still is not clear as to what sin is though, and she's got to understand that because of our sin, that is what separates us from God. Hope had a melt-down the other night because Taylor was desperately trying to tell Hope how to become a Christian. Taylor is very knowledgeable in scripture and the whole salvation aspect, so she is just trying to lead Hope to the Lord. Something I don't want to hinder, but I had to explain to Taylor that if we shove Jesus into people's faces, a lot of times they end up turning the other way because it's overwhelming, but if we just love them and let the light of Christ shine so brightly in our lives, that is how we will win other's to Christ. Not by scaring them into heaven. Taylor is just very passionate about her walk with Christ and she wants EVERYONE to know that.

Well, I guess I'd better go get in the shower, no excuses for being late today! Although I do have to go pick the girls up first for church, Kris is already at work, it's his Sunday to work, or should I say sit. =) Today is weigh in day as well............we haven't met in two weeks so this should be intereasting! Oh and I STILL didn't hear anything about my interview, but I've been ok with it! All in God's time, not mine! Well, have a great Sunday!!!

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