Monday, January 08, 2007

At a loss for words

I don't know why, but this morning, I'm really having a hard time finding the direction my quiet time is supposed to go. I think part of the problem is I have way to much on my mind today. I hate that, when I can't just let everything go and let God speak to me. It's a busy day. I've got to get these little cheerleaders ready for their first game on Saturday this afternoon, which I'm a little nervous about because we really haven't been able to have many practices. Bible study starts tonight, and I have to confess that I'm not ready, so that means I need to get it all done today!There is so much laundry to get done, I can't even stand to think about I've got several errands that have got to get done today............I know, I'm complaining...........

Yesterday was a great day at church. Dr.Rummages sermon was awesome! He is so RIGHT ON all the time. I never have to think about which direction he's going in, it's always very clear. He was preaching on Faith, Hope and Love. I left my notes in the you'll have to bear with me as I try to rememeber everything. First, obviously Faith is the most important aspecect to our relationships with Christ. Without Faith, there would be nothing to base our faith on! Secondly, Hope is what gets us through everything that we go through. It gives us that endurance that we need. And last, Love, of course without Love there really is nothing. Love is such a strong word and can go in so many directions!

Oh my, my heart is so anxious today. I don't know mind is just off and not in scripture this morning. Obviously Satan is trying to get at me today since bible study starts tonight. I'm so excited to see everyone again and we even have a couple of new people coming! At least I hope they are coming! I truly hope that CMC calls today. I just want to cross that thing off my list, either way!!! I think I'd better close this morning early, and just get quiet before the Lord.

Real quick.........weigh in was yesterday, I thought I didn't do good because I forgot my card so I had mistaken how much I weighed last time, so I thought I didn't lose anything but then I got home and looked at my card and I did lose, -2.5 (for two weeks) so it wasn't great but it was better than I thought for it being Christmas and all. So I'm excited -9.5 so far with ww, but -15.5 since I've been doing it on my own.

Have a blessed day!

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