Thursday, January 25, 2007

His Love is Enough

Oh what JOY I have received this morning. My sweet Jesus has once again reminded me that His love is enough for me. I need not riches or fame, He is all I need. His love is so real and so dear to me. What a trying couple of weeks this has been. But I guess what the Lord has been trying to teach me is that He is enough, just Him. He doesn't have to send me blessings for me to love him, He doesn't have to answer my prayers the way I see fit for me to love Him, I just do. If you've never experienced the sweet taste of Jesus, you're missing out! He is worthy of all my praise and all my joy simply because He is Jesus. Not because of all the wonderful "things" He brings to my life. He is worthy of my honor, because of what He did for you and I on that cross. He is worthy of all glory because He's God's son. He is not worthy of anything because of who I am or what I've done.

The mercy, grace and just goodness that Jesus brings us is worth more than healthy kids, a great job or a great marriage. Of course Christ wants us to have all to have blessed lives but, this morning I'm reminded that when all of my little world seems to be falling apart, He chose me...oh......that brings tears to my eyes. His love is always enough for me. His love is all I need. The love He showed me on that cross will always be enough for me.

What does it mean to love the Lord with all our heart, soul and mind? It's becoming in love with Jesus. He showed us that ultimate love at the cross, so that's where I feel I must bow my heart in adoration. My soul is free and saved because of that price He paid. My mind can be free of confusion, frustration and anger because of the goodness He brings me, just Him. This world is forever going to break my heart, but oh my friends.....Jesus is right there, putting it back together!

And not only do we have Jesus right here with us, but we have the whole army of Christ. His mighty Angels are on our side! Ya'll we are NEVER alone, there is so much joy and peace in knowing that! He sees all we are going through!

"And I will run to you, to your words of truth, not by might or power, but by the spirit of God, Yes I will run the race till I see your face, Oh let me live in the glory of your grace....." (words to a powerful song) Oh it has been good to be in the presence of God this morning!

Taylor has her chapel this morning. I'm so excited to see her and this play that her and her class have been working so hard on. I hope Kennedy is going to behave herself and sit through it........ha =)Well, I'd better go the "race" awaits me today! Have a blessed day!!

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