Monday, January 29, 2007

What to wear???

This morning I'm in Colossians 3:12-17. This question of "what to wear" in our house comes up about five times a day in house full of girls. We go through endless loads of laundry and for some reason us girls just never have anything to wear! I've especially had a hard time lately as I'm transitioning in sizes (yea!) but being the cheapskate that I am, I refuse to buy clothes until I'm at my goal! Meanwhile my girls walk around looking like they just stepped of the runway! So when they say they have "nothing to wear", I often get VERY frustrated with them. They always have something to wear, it may not be their favorite outfit but they have something!

That's exactly what I'm looking at spiritually today. Did you know that every day we are to "dress" ourselves spiritually as well. Christ has given us a wardrobe full of great virtues that we are to "clothe" ourselves in. Unfortunately many people believe that it's through these good virtues that we are able to go to heaven. However, We will be judged for all of our actions. But in Colossians 3, Paul has given us Christians many options of how to clothe ourselves each and every day to become the people that Christ intends for us to be: compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. I have been clothed with a little more patience that I would have liked to lately! (I'll explain later) Oh my what amazing Christians we would be if we put on all those garments each day!

So what will I wear today? Since I'm not one to try and do everything at once, I'm going to pick one virtue that I really could work on today. I guess I'd better pray about it and see where God is leading me today. Goodness, oh my has he been teaching me patience lately! I suppose I should update everyone on what has happened with all of this craziness in our house so here it goes.........

Friday afternoon I received a phone call from this recruiter I've been working with through the hospital (trying to get a job still) she informs me, (after the nurse manager offered me a job last week) that the nurse manager has decided she needs two full-time people rather than one full-time and one part-time. My first reaction was......what??? I was expecting her to call and "officially" offer me the position after THREE WEEKS of waiting and them telling me yes, then no, then yes, then hold on....then maybe, then ok........I was shocked. I was mad. I was upset. I had already worked everything out with the girls and Kris. It was just a BIG let-down. And not only was it a let down but I was like, so you couldn't have decided this THREE WEEKS ago???

Ya'll I was SO disappointed. I didn't want to hear from ANYONE oh, it's just not what God has for you, I didn't even want to talk to anyone. After I had been praying, putting my feet to faith, and FERVENTLY believing in God to answer this prayer. But He Once again, I sought after what I thought was His will and He said no. So you can imagine the frustration that overcame me this whole weekend. So Saturday I was talking to a dear friend of mine and she did exactly what I needed......she just prayed with me. She didn't tell me, Oh God's gonna work it all out, He's gonna tell you, Just be patient (goodness knows I have been).........she simply said, that stinks, it's not right and let's pray. Sometimes when you're in such a "low" place, that's all you really need. After all I "KNOW" that God is working it out, I know He is working in ways I can't see. I know that He's going to show me what to do.

SO, it's time to get creative again. It's time to really think about what it is I'm to do. The recruiter told me she had another position I could interview for and she was so sorry.......but at that point I couldn't even think about going through this again with CMC. Whether they meant to or not, what they did to me was wrong but I just don't want to close the door completely so I'm leaving it's cracked and letting God open it if he pleases. Meanwhile, I'll be looking for something different!

I'm ok today with everything, yesterday I was still very disappointed. But, I do know that whenever God says no, he's always got something better around the corner! So, I await in expectation! Well, I'd better go. I hope you have a very blessed day. And I hope you can find something to "wear". =)

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