Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday Morning...

Puppies, Babies that crawl and Christmas trees....THEY DON'T GO WELL TOGETHER!!!! AHHH!!! Am I going to make it through Christmas this year??? I feel like all I do all day is say, "No Touch Kennedy." "NO PRINCETON." "NO, NO Kennedy." "NO PRINCETON." The two of them and that Christmas's starting to get to me BIG Time!!! Yesterday Kennedy thought it was funny to pull the ornaments off the tree, Princeton, he likes to eat the branches. It's so funny because every time I tell Kennedy, "NO, NO", she points her finger at me just like we do with the puppy!

Taylor was very upset yesterday. She had a test at ice-skating to go to the next level and the poor girl didn't pass. I tried to explain to her that she is the youngest one in her group and that these lessons were the first time she's ever ice-skated. I gave her the 'ol speech "if you want it, you gotta work for it!". Taylor always works hard but I tried to explain to her that some things come easier to people than other things. It really didn't help that her friend passed her test though! She says that she wants to continue with the lessons so hopefully she will be extra confident in Basic One this next time.

Yesterday while Hope Ann was at pre-school, I did something I rarely do...that Billy Graham book on Angels has been screaming my name ever since it came in the mail. So I sat down while Kennedy was taking her nap and read almost the whole book. It was so good! I skipped over some of the stuff and I realize that I need to go back over it all very thoroughly. It answered many of my questions! But it's still has me guessing on quite a few things. I'd write about it...but then the ladies from bible study would be bored the week we do it, if they read this. So, I'll write about it when we do it that week!

I'm having a very hard time getting into the Christmas "mood". Next week, no starting Saturday, we have something going on almost every day until Christmas. I can't even imagine what it's going to be like once Kennedy starts school. All this busyness really takes the fun out of it all. I've gotten most of my shopping done but I still have quite a bit to get and not to mention all the wrapping...well, I guess I'd better go. I promise to have more "depth" in my blog tomorrow! Have a blessed day!!!

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