Friday, December 08, 2006

Good sleep!!

I finally got a good night's sleep last night. The past few nights at least one of the girls have been up for some reason. I woke up this morning ready to go! Yesterday was a very trying day. With Kris working so much this week, it's been me and the girls EVERY night. To be very honest by about 5:30 pm, I'm ready for the girls to go to bed when I'm with them by myself! So, it was about 6:45 and they were all tucked away in their beds last night! I'm SO looking foreword to Monday night out with the girl's night!!(and I mean my bible study girls, not my girls) I took the girls to get their Christmas pictures made yesterday afternoon. What a chore that was! I never expected it would be so hard to get them all looking at the camera and all smiles! Whew!

Yesterday I was working on our Christmas cards and of course Ms.Hopie wanted to "help". We made them together but if you get a card this year from us and it looks like a four-year old made them, she did!!! She pretty much took over the project! It's so hard for me to let the girls do stuff like that, I always want things a "certain" way. Unlike my mom, who would let the girls paint her house if they wanted to! But I will say, the project kept her busy for almost an hour. Hmm...what else can she do??? =)

Taylor had some BIG questions on her heart yesterday. That girl keeps me on my toes! She knows that I've been studying angels and has been very curious about the whole subject as well. I was in the office writing and she comes walking in full of questions. "Mommy, how come we don't see angels everywhere?" "Mommy, if Satan was an angel and he didn't like God, why didn't God just destroy him?" "Mommy, what do angels look like?" "Mommy, have you ever seen an angel?" "Mommy, Mommy...Mommy.." We must have spent twenty minutes just talking about angels. I treasure those conversations with her. They are very dear to my heart. I always want to be able to give her an answer for her questions and if I don't know the answer, I want to make sure I learn the answer! That's tough when a six-year old asks you a question and you really don't know the answer!! =)

Hope has her big performance Sunday night at her school. They changed her part LAST MINUTE. The director assured me she thinks Hope can do it. She is now Sally in the Charlie Brown Christmas. I'm VERY anxious to see this program! She certainly thinks she is big stuff too. Hope has been asking lot's of questions about God. She's taking her sister's lead I'm sure, but I can feel the Holy Spirit moving in her life, even at this young age. My prayer has always been that all of my girls would come to know Christ at a very young age. She hasn't quite figured out the whole factor of how sin plays such a huge role in our acceptance of Christ. After all, it's only through Him that we are made right but we have to recognize the fact that we are sinners first. And Hope doesn't really understand all that yet! =)

Kennedy was so funny yesterday. She was crawling towards the tree, looked right at me and pointed to the tree in her "no, no" voice. It was so cute!!! She's a bright little baby! She's just everywhere! I can't turn my eyes for two seconds! Now, if only Princeton would understand No, NO with the Christmas tree! He is still nibbling at it whenever he can.

I've missed going to the Y this week. I'm tempted to go today, but I know with all that we have going on this weekend it really wouldn't be a good idea with Kennedy. She still has a little runny nose. I think I've done well with my weight-watchers. We shall see Sunday afternoon at weigh-in! I hope everyone has done well, I'm excited to see our results! I'll be sure to post them Monday. Well, there is a MOUNTAIN of laundry calling my name...oh...I hate laundry. I don't mind the washing part, it's the putting everything away part!! I wish we had enough money to just buy new clothes every day! =) or hire someone to do all this laundry!!

I hope you have a blessed day and a very blessed weekend!!!

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