Monday, December 11, 2006

Sleepy Monday

This is one of those mornings where I would really like to crawl back into bed for about three more hours. Kennedy was up quite a bit last night and Kris didn't get home from working last night until 1am! They had to take everything down from the Christmas Experience! I think Kennedy is going to need tubes in her ears. She is just miserable! I feel awful for her, but this have been a very trying couple of days. There just isn't a whole lot you can do for ear infections!

Nonetheless, here I am! This morning I read Titus 2. My devotion was about keeping your home neat! This is a huge battle for our family. I MUST have the messiest children in the world. And it's not only the kids, but Kris isn't exactly the neatest person either. Taylor is actually the cleanest of anyone but she still provides quite a mess to clean up. Just yesterday, I couldn't help but be so frustrated as I cleaned up the whole living room and an hour later I came back down and it was filled with baby dolls and crayons and papers everywhere! I know a lot of people think stay at home moms really should have a very clean house. And maybe they are right, I don't know. Personally, I have found the more we are not here, the cleaner the house is! But apparently, according to Titus 2, keeping things tidy is very important to the Lord.

I love to have a clean house but how do you have one and not be consumed with it all day, every day???? This devotion says, thirty minutes a day! OK!! Lord, whatever you want! Not my will but yours!

We had a good weekend. Saturday I volunteered at the Christmas Experience. My mother-in law kept Kennedy because she had been so fussy, I knew she wouldn't do well. (Thanks Barb!) After I was done volunteering we got to walk around and do all of the activities with the girls. They had a great time! Yesterday Hope Ann had her first performance of Charlie Brown and her pre-school. (she still has two more!) They were all very cute!

Yesterday afternoon my friends did our mini weight watchers meeting. I didn't do as well as I thought I had. I'm down 1.5, But I realize that's better than nothing. And it really wasn't a hard week. But I hope this week I do a little better. Everyone lost something so that was encouraging. It's been so hard to have not gone to the Y this last week because of Kennedy. Hopefully she will be better this week because I really miss my work-out!

Well, the day awaits, so I'd better go. I hope you have a very blessed and "clean" day! =)

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