Friday, December 22, 2006

Picture Success!!!

Yesterday we finally had picture success!! The Picture People did a great job and I spent way to much money! So cards are going out today!! If you get an e-mail card this year, don't be offended, it just means I don't have your address!! But, somehow I'm going to get it all done! Shopping, cards, baking and wrapping! The girls and I spent the day at the mall trying to get as much done as we could. I had to bribe them first with lunch, then a cookie, then ice-cream! It's what I get for dragging them around the mall for five hours!!!
I'm so glad our little weight watchers group is taking this week off. Even though I've been sticking to the program, I still don't think I've actually lost anything this week. This is a hard time of year. Goodies are constantly being thrown in my face. But, I keep listening to that voice in my heart that tells me, I've got to stay on track and get this under control, because God has bigger and better things for my life than for me to spend the rest of it trying to lose this weight!

Well, this is a short entry today, sorry. HopeAnn is walking around singing with all of her might, "Happy Birthday Jesus..." So sweet! Oh, we went and saw Santa yesterday...what a nightmare...He made Taylor cry!!!! He was the MEANEST Santa I have ever seen. You'd better believe that I complained to the mall manager about him! He didn't even smile or say, "Merry Christmas" or at LEAST Happy Holidays! No HO HO HO, NOTHING! He completely ignored Taylor and didn't even look at her when he was talking and then snapped at me because I put Kennedy on his lap to take a picture! Well, anyways, I hope you have a JOLLY OL DAY!!! =) Have a blessed day!!

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