Saturday, December 23, 2006

I have no gift to bring....

Dearest Father,

It's almost here Lord, your big day,
So why do I feel so far away?

Three days have now passed where we have not met,
All because there's to much to do and I'm not all set.

The presents are bought, the turkey is to brine,
But my heart, oh my heart it is not fine.

Tonight my eyes are filled with tears,
As I think of the many good and bad years.

You've brought me through the good and the bad,
so why do I feel oh so sad?

While rushing today to get many things done,
I thought to myself wow they sure didn't do all this for the "son".

There were no last minute gifts to buy,
You had no unexpected guests stopping by.

You didn't listen to see if they'd say,
Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays!

You just came to give,
You give me my reason to live.

Forgive me Lord, for being so sad tonight,
Forgive me for being a poor light.

So Lord, as I sit here and think about you,
Isn't it awful that you are my last "to do"?

Everyone else has gifts from me,
But, you, oh my Lord, have nothing under that tree.

Maybe it's because I feel like that boy,
Who was not able to bring you a book, rattle or toy.

That drummer boy, he says a lot,
By giving you, just what we've got!

So Lord my gift to you is my whole heart,
May you use me, may it be where you start.

Thank you Lord for Taylor Marie,
For all the precious notes she leaves for me to see!

Thank you Lord for Ms.Hope Ann,
For her always wanting to hold my hand!

Thank you Lord for Kennedy Grace,
Her smiles and her giggles warm up my face!

Thank you Lord for a husband who cares.
Thank you for always hearing his prayers.

Your gifts to me are plenty that's true!
Would you grant me one more, and make me not feel oh so blue?

These next two days Lord, they're all about you,
I promise you that, you won't be my "to do"!

I love you sweet Jesus, thank you so much,
for coming and giving this world your special touch.

Merry Christmas to you, my King and my friend,
may this be a great one even until the very end!


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