Monday, December 04, 2006

"It" has arrived!!!!

I'm very pleased to announce the arrival of KENNEDY'S FIRST TOOTH!!!! =) Yea!!!! Oh I thought that baby's teeth would NEVER come!!! I was rubbing on her gums the other day to try and comfort her and I felt a little sharp thing popping up!!! So, I had to share the exciting news!! =)

We had a good weekend. Friday night we had our Sunday School Christmas party that we had a great time at. I got some interesting little frogs that sing a Christmas tune only when you put them together! The girls will enjoy that! Then Saturday my mom and dad took Taylor and Hope to the 91.9 Christmas concert, that they had a BLAST at. They were super tired though. Thanks mom!!! =) Yesterday Kennedy was sick again, so Kris just went to church. I always feel like something is missing when I don't go to church on Sunday...........then Kris took the girls to get our Christmas tree. (He went over our budget!!!) It's very.........big for our family room!!!!

Yesterday afternoon a couple of friends and I began our first weight watchers meeting at my friend's house! It was good. I think it may work us doing it this way. I hope we can all stay committed and get these pounds off!! But it was good just to encourage one another and know that we are not in this alone!! Plus it helps that we don't have to pay.........well we do have a rule. If we don't loose or we gain then we have to put $2 in a pot each week, the one at the end of the month with the most weight off get's the pot. Kris told me I'd better not have to pay!! =) Way to encourage honey!!!

I overslept this morning so I haven't had the best quite time today. I don't like days that start like this!! I don't know why I didn't wake was very strange. But, I'm off to the Y, determined as ever! Well, hopefully I'll be up on time tomorrow so I'll have more to write about! I hope you have a very blessed day!!!

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