Friday, December 01, 2006

In my Daughter's Eyes...........

Why is it some days I take for granted the awesome responsibility that God has set upon me to raise three girls? Yesterday I was driving home from the Y and the song by Martina McBride, In My Daughter's Eyes, came on and I looked into those three pairs of big blue eyes and I melted. That song has always been so precious to me. Yes, it's exhausting being a mom, and there are many days where I would really just like to get on an airplane and fly to Hawaii and never come back! But, just like I think about how much time I've wasted telling myself that God can't use me anymore.......I think about who much time I've wasted with them. The times when I've chosen housework over playtime! The times I've put a movie on to not have to "deal" with issues! The times I've set out crayons and markers instead of glue and glitter! Time is passing me by, quicker than I'd like.

I'm especially having a hard time with my baby getting big. Having kids so young (whether by choice or not)I always felt like I missed out on a lot. I'm not complaining!!!! All, I'm saying is that I feel like when I'm older I may really miss these days. Days that are just going by to fast. It's exciting to watch them grow and it's been especially exciting to see Taylor's relationship with the Lord grow. God's got something big for that girl! I enjoy the challenges that Hope faces me with each day! I love to see Kennedy do new things and say new words (and I'll really love it when those teeth pop out!) but oh.........time is just so precious.

Sometimes I wonder if we make God feel that way? How proud He must be when we align our lives with His will, or really devote our lives to Him. I can't help but think though that us getting older doesn't make him brings us closer to the day we will meet Him face to face! And that is the ULTIMATE goal in life, to be with the Lord forever. I encourage you today, if you don't know Him on a personal level, get into His word, spend time alone with Him, seek will find Him! And hold on to His words because they are so precious..........just like our time on earth! We should make the most of each day...........not "wish" our lives away! Let's not waste any more time dwelling on things that don't matter, or can't be changed!(and I'm saying ALL of this to me!!!!)

Well, I'm not sure any of this even makes sense today........I'm super tired this morning and that puppy will NOT leave me alone!! I hope you have a VERY BLESSED DAY!!!!

"Successful lives are made of successful days!"

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