Thursday, November 30, 2006

Angels just for us!

I've discovered so much through my studying of God's angels. There is still so much to learn! Every time I begin looking through the bible I come across more and more fascinating facts about Angels. I don't know if I'll ever know everything about them, but I do know I'm going to the book store today, to take my dad's advice "find a good book on them", because I need some serious direction. I have all these different aspects of Angels that just aren't all making sense to me. But here are some of the things I'm pretty sure about!

1. Primary jobs of Angels are messengers and protectors (the first example of this is found in Gen 16:7 with the story of Sarai and Hagar)

2. Angels can and have spoken through dreams. I was surprised at how many times in the bible and Angel appeared to someone through a dream! I would dare to say that there are more examples of Angels appearing through dreams, than appearing different ways. (but don't quote me on that!)

3. Matthew 26:53 says that there are THOUSANDS of Angels!

4. I found three types of Angels so far, (I'm sure there could be more) 1. Is the Archangel (which I haven't quite figured out his whole role yet) 2. Are Angels called Cherbiums, which are angels with animal-like traits (these can be found in Gen where God is protecting the Garden of Eden) 3. And the last one I've found is called Seraphs- Angels with wings (see Isaiah 6:2)

5. One thing that I've noticed that I can't quite put my finger on is that many times Angels speak in the first person of God. Ex: Exodus 3 (the story of Moses and the burning bush) The story starts off saying that the angel of the Lord appeared to Moses in flames of a burning bush, in v6 it says, "I am the God of your father, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob." Then it says that Moses was afraid because He was looking at the face of God. (there are several other examples like this) So, God must speak through His angels.

There's so much more to write about and so much more to search out. I'm just so curious about this subject! So I will press on!!! This is one of the topics we are going to discuss in our next bible study. So, it should be really cool.

I was so exhausted last night I was asleep by 8:30! Kennedy is just a huge mess, I told Kris I had ringing in my ears from her HIGH pitched scream that she had all day. I don't know if her ears are bothering her again, if I'm running her around to much or if it's her teeth. She still has not ONE tooth. It's crazy. I can see them right there, it's like they just won't come up. But she just wants to be held all day or I have to listen to that scream. So something it up with her because she's not normally THIS bad!!!! I know............This too shall pass!!! =)

Well, I'd better go, I hope you have a blessed day!!!

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