Wednesday, November 29, 2006


My heart is heavy this morning. God is really trying to get this through my thick skull!!! I am not to JUDGE ANYONE. Who am I to say someone is weird, off or a little crazy??? So many times I just look at someone and I immediately pass a judgment. This is so hard I think for women especially. My job as a Christian is to love others. Sometimes it's a little harder to love people who we just aren't really fond of, but who am I to even say that? I imagine there are MANY times when Christ is not fond of me by my actions or words. So who am I to cast judgment on anyone and then to share my judgments with others? It's wrong and it's going to stop. Sometimes I've wondered if even sharing my deepest hearts thoughts with Kris is wrong. I guess the answer would be yes, if it is not pleasing to God then yes it's wrong to even gossip with my husband! I think I just need to pray and ask God to change the way I look at people.

Last night I had a few minutes, and I mean a FEW minutes, to sit down and start writing the next study. I'm so excited to see God begin to work again. I told my bible study group that I just want God to use me, that's all. Then once again, as I started writing, I started questioning myself. I was like, What if people read this blog and think I'm so ridiculous? Or what if people don't agree with what I say? And I had to just say STOP. It so doesn't matter what other people think of me. I hate that I'm such a "people-pleaser". All that matters is that I can sit at the Lord's feet each day and be found complete in Him. And to be honest I could not do that this morning after all of my critical judgments I made yesterday. I'm so glad that God gives us new days each day, I'm so glad that he forgives us and we can and will move on.

Wow, that was tough to confess all of this on here! But I've always said I will be honest! I'm not trying to be someone else or say LOOK AT ME, I'm saying this because I want to grow first and then I want God to use me to encourage others!

I did OK on weight watchers yesterday. It was my first day back on program. Some girls and I are trying to put together our own support group so that we can meet and not have to pay! Is that bad??? =) It's expensive anyways to buy healthy food let alone pay for meetings. But I will do whatever I have to do to get this weight off! So, I'd better go so I can get everyone up and I can get to the Y by 7:30 so I can have a good work-out!

Have a blessed day!!!

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