Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A mommy's life

This is a poem from my heart about this journey I am on............

A Mommy's Life

This morning I got up already to go
My Lord was waiting for me to show

But when I arrived at my spot
things started happening that made me hot!

But who am I to get mad
At puppies, babies,girls and dad?

What is the purpose of all this life
if I'm an angry upset mother and wife?

From dawn till dusk these girls must see
the life of Christ living in me!

With dishes, laundry, diapers and more
it all can get to be quite a bore!

When all I want is just a moment alone!
Peace and quiet please while I'm on the phone!

But I know that these days are passing my by
through every chore and every tear my girls cry

There will be a day when babies will walk
there will be a day when big girls don't want to talk

Time will pass no matter what I do
if I'm angry, upset or just feeling blue

But if I can hold those smiles and tears
holding them tight in my heart with no fear

Crawling, screaming and fights will all fade
but what will be left from this mommy today?

So I will press on seeking my God
He's right there beside giving me a proud nod

You see I can chose to give up and say
I just don't have time for you Lord today

Or I can make my sincere prayer be
that the Lord will be so real all day to me

God is there in that babies smile
He's there while I'm walking that never-ending mile

He's right there as I break up each fight
He's never leaving me out of his sight

He knows all my worries and my cares
I've laid them all down in my deepest prayers

So will hold that baby tight,
I will kiss and hug those girls each night

I will hold these days so close to me
knowing God is leading me where I can't see

I know He's got something big for me
a mommy who just wants Christ all over me!

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