Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why God Why??? LONG

Have you ever asked that question?? Yesterday I saw a friend who has just been through it ALL. She and her sister have had to deal with a lot of heartache more than usual lately. Then just yesterday their cousin passed away suddenly. The look of Why??? was written all over her face. And to be completely honest, I asked God, Lord why are you allowing SO many things to happen to this family all at once!!! But, then I stopped and started to think. Have you ever noticed when we go through a tragedy or a chaotic day or something just not fun, there usually is a couple of things that follow that incident?

I think about when Taylor became very sick and was put into the hospital, shortly after that my brother had his accident (he fell off a 30-ft pole) was seriously injured and then a couple of weeks after that happened my grandfather passed away.

Then I think about when Taylor had her surgery, Kris became very sick was put in the hospital and then my grandmother passed away. It was awful!

Then, last year when my uncle passed away, while my dad was at the funeral, our family dog became very sick and died at home. It was awful!

I also think recently about my sister-in law, losing her cousin, loosing their twins and then just this past week at school she lost a student that she teaches in an accident! Awful things...

I'm sure you can relate to this, I'm sure you can think of times when it just seemed to keep on raining. But, this has caused me to think a great deal about why it is things seem to happen like this. But more importantly I think the issue is WHAT are we supposed to do in times like this, whether it's happening to us or someone we care about. I feel there are many things in this life that we just aren't going to have answers to.

Some of the things I thought about MAYBE why are: 1. Our hearts are already in mourning, so maybe it's a blessing that God allows it all to happen at all once (if it was going to happen anyways, it's better all at once???) 2. Our faith is being tested. Although, some of the things that happen around us AFFECT us, but have nothing to do with US personally. (ex: Craig and Dawn loosing the twins AFFECTED me a great deal but I personally did not go through it, they did) 3. Life just happens there is no rhyme or reason to tragedies.

I don't know.......Maybe those things are a stretch. Here's what I DO know. The bible says in Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

AND Romans 8:28, "And we know that in ALL things God works for the good of those who love him who have been called according to his purpose." (My mom is FOREVER saying this verse!)

So, two scriptures right there say that God really is in control and He does know what's up. But does that really make it all make sense??? I really do believe that through tragedy God speaks the clearest and the loudest to me personally. I remember something that I read in a Beth Moore study once that may or may not bring some people comfort today. She was talking about how as mothers when we have a child who is sick or desperately upset about something, where is all of our attention??? It's not on the children who are healthy and strong, our focus is on that child who is weak. It's the same with God, his attention is turned to his children who are hurting the most. He is wrapping His arms around them and giving them that special care!!! So, it's definitely NOT the fact that God has turned his back and doesn't care anymore, it's quite the opposite!!!

I think it's NO coincidence that yesterday when I saw my friend, I had nothing to say, if you read yesterday's entry I was writing about this subject. That's immediately what came to my mind is OH MY, WHAT DO I SAY???? Sometimes I feel like we as people can say the wrong things. Maybe that's why I had nothing to say, except I'm just so sorry. Maybe that's all we are supposed to say and just love on that person. I know that our prayers sustain us through times like this, so please pray for my friends and their family!!!

I don't know.........My heart is just heavy today. And this rain outside is just not helping............!!! Well, I do hope that you have a blessed day!!! Post or e-mail me if you have any thoughts or insight on this subject!!!

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