Wednesday, November 15, 2006


Oh sometimes I just wish I could snap my fingers and be alone for just 15 minutes. I got up extra early this morning to be alone with God and now this puppy thinks it's one on one time with me!!! He's crying and whining, I don't want him to wake the girls up!! I need my coffee to be up this early and since he's in the kitchen he sees me! I like to get a big cup of coffee curl up on the couch and just read God's word ALONE. Now I hear someone coming down the steps..............It's Hope. I've sent her back to bed, it's 5:30 am!!!!!! Oh days like this just start me off all wrong.

So, ok I've got 15 minutes that I can share my heart. This sounds awful, but I'm not even sure what God has said to me today. There have been so many distractions this morning and my mind has just been everywhere. I did read something great in my devotional today. Sometimes I have been in a position to offer someone some "advice", now this doesn't happen very often but occasional God will lead someone my way that I may or may not be able to "help". I don't really like to give advice, because I feel that sometimes I'm just not "there" yet. I love the Lord dearly and long to serve him but who am I to tell someone else what to do??? Of course I always have my opinion and sometimes it's not a nice or pleasant one.

But what I got out of what I was reading was this, when God is using us, we aren't going to have to "think" about what we say. It's just going to happen. For example, a lot of times I will say Oh what can I do or say to make that person feel better! What I'm trying to get at and what the devotional was saying is this, when God is using us to speak to someone, it's going to come to us on an unconscious level. If we are diligently seeking God then what we say will come from Him, not from us. Oh, I hope that makes sense!!! Sometimes I think my writing this early does not go anywhere but oh well!!! =)

Yesterday I had the best time talking with my accountability partner on this weight loss. She shall remain anonymous!!! =) We were talking about all the reasons that we are the way we are. And it's amazing how similar we are in this battle. We as mothers get so used to putting ourselves last, especially when the kids are so young and have so many demands. But that's not what God wants for us. I shared with her this week's lesson from Bible Study on self-control and it was really powerful for me to look over it again. Is it possible for God to speak to me through me??? =) It was funny, I was reading some of what I wrote and I was like, WOW that really speaks to my heart today and I don't really remember writing that. I don't mean to say that to brag on myself at ALL, I say it to say, that God speaks to me in funny ways sometimes!!! I did go to the Y yesterday and I'm going back today. I sure don't feel like it but I know it's got to be done. Self-control=discipline!!!

Well, I hope you have a great day, I hope mine is a good one too. I enjoyed writing this morning, I hope you enjoyed reading!! =) Have a blessed day!!

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