Friday, November 24, 2006


That title may surprise you as to WHAT I'm addicted to!! My parents got Kris an MP3 player for his birthday and I'm TOTALLY HOOKED!!! Ya'll, I like seriously walk around all day with this thing in my ears, and yes Kris isn't to happy that I have taken so much interest in it! Here's my secret...........I've discovered that when I have this little thing all hooked up with my favorite tunes, I can totally block out all the madness............well, at least for like 3 minutes. =) I can't hear the dog crying, Kennedy SCREAMING, Taylor and Hope fighting and Kris saying........"HONEY". It's so awesome, I highly recommend every mother have one of these! It's so cool just to put all your favorite songs on it and just go! Yes, Kris and I are a bit behind the times when it comes to technology......I blame our budget! =)

So, we had a great thanksgiving. Of course I ate WAY To much, I don't even dare step on that scale on Monday. (well, I will but I know it will be bad) We went to my mom's and had all the family and one of my brother's friends. It was great! The three F's Food, Foot-ball and Family, the musts of Thanksgiving around our house! My dad and brother are HUGE Lion fans so, it's always the same!! We all said what we were thankful for, and I was so proud of my little girls as they walked around asking everyone to sign a paper explaining what they were thankful for! It was so cute and what a memory that will be for them one day. Kennedy was a bit fussy, those teeth just won't come through! Poor thing! I know that's what's bothering her.

And then, I got into a discussion with my dear ole dad........Guess what about???? =) hmmmmmm.....Angels! The thing I love about my dad is he is like a walking bible, he knows so much about it. But, I have to say, he was stumped by some of the things I was showing/asking him. I was like, Ok Dad, you're supposed to be helping me here! His reply, "I'm sure there's a good book out there for you to read." Ugh.........Don't you just wish sometimes you could just go to anyone and they'd have any answer you need and you wouldn't have to look it up!!!!

I don't dare post my thoughts on all of this stuff yet...........My mind has been in about 20 different directions and I just am not sure where it's all going, but it's going somewhere. Kris and I sat down last night and went through some of the scriptures that I'm just puzzled with and he actually had some good insight. So, maybe later on this week I'll post what I have found out or rather what I'm finding out.

Then this morning, I did the unthinkable..............I went shopping at 6:30 am!!!!! It was CRAZY, but it was fun! My mom and I had the best time finding so many good deals! While we waited in the almost hour long lines we had some good conversation with those around us. I found out from one lady that her sister had waited in line all night at Circuit City or Best Buy, I can't remember, just to get a laptop for like $350 and then they only had 10!!! Oh I would've been MAD. I actually had a tinsy weensy incident with a lady over a buggy............. I had been waiting THIRTY minutes for one, and this woman comes walking RIGHT in front of me to grab the one I was anxiously awaiting, I was've been waiting thirty minutes for that and so have these people (I pointed to the others who looked like they were ready to jump her) and she looks at me and says OH FINE and walks off!!! Oh the crazy days after t-day!!!

Well, I guess I'd better go, I hear that puppy getting into something! Happy Late Thanksgiving!!!!

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