Monday, November 27, 2006

May I magnify not minimize!!!

Yesterday Dr.Rummage preached an amazing sermon! He's was FILLED with the Holy Spirit and his words were like they were directed straight towards me. I love services like that, where you can just feel the power of God all around you! He was preaching on magnifying God. You either magnify him or you minimize him. There's no in-between! He talked about Luke 1:39, Mary's song. I never looked at as closely as Dr. Rummage did and I was amazed at Mary's heart as I always was, what an incredible woman she was! Her faith was just unshakable!

This morning I got up to have my usual quite time and as soon as I sat down, Satan started attacking! I was so upset by some things that they really started to get the best of me. So I put on my FAVORITE worship song, Worthy is the Lamb, and it really brought things back into perspective. I am so small and my "problems" are so small compared to the amazing power of God. He is high and lifted up, seated on His throne, the darling of Heaven Crucified, He reigns victorious!!! And through HIM I will have victory in every area of my life. I am so blessed and who am I to complain about these minor things in my life???

All I want is for God to use me in some way. Whether it's through writing, being a wife and mother, a friend, a relative or just a neighbor, I want him to USE me. I want that fire inside me to spread to others, just like what Dr.Rummage was saying, I want to magnify HIM in every aspect of my life. God's mercy and grace has been so good to me and I'd better share that with whoever I can!

Tonight is the last night of our six-week bible study, Lord I messed Up, Fessed Up, Now Raise me Up. I've enjoyed getting to know these ladies on a more personal level so much! They have meant so much to me and I will really miss them while we take our "break" for Christmas. This time of year is just so busy with parties, programs, shopping and everything, that I think we needed to take a break for a while. Plus, I need time to write or figure out whatever we're going to do next. I've already come across three ladies that I know for sure I want to invite when we get started back up. But, I keep telling myself, it's so not about numbers and God's gonna have whoever HE wants there.

Ok, on a side-note, it was weigh-in morning............I have to say I was pleased that I did NOT GAIN, but I stayed exactly the same. I was expecting MUCH worse after a whole week of eating pretty bad. I had planned on going to the Y this morning but Kennedy woke up screaming with a fever. I hope it's her teeth and not another ear infection. So, I guess Hopie and I will put on some good music and dance!!! =) Well, I hope you have a blessed day! ps- I've almost got all my thoughts together on Angels so I will try to get up early tomorrow and post it all, it's a lot!!!

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