Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Angels Cont......

Ok so I had ANOTHER confirmation that I'm supposed to be searching out my answers on angels. This morning Joyce Meyer was talking about angels on her show! I'm excited to learn more about this here I go! Ok, the first verse that I've come across is Psalm 91:11-12. It says this, "For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways; they will lift you up in their hands so that you will not strike your foot against a stone." In this verse I see two things that instantly pop out at me. First, God commands His angels. Secondly, one purpose they serve is to protect. So here are some questions I've got running through my wild head! 1. Why does God need angels? If He can be everywhere at once (through His spirit) then why do we need angels to protect us? 2. If we do have all these angels around us to protect us, then why do harmful things still happen to us? 3. How many angels are there? Are they the same angels that have been and always will be or can there be new angels?

I know sometimes I've thought and even heard people refer to different people on earth as their "angel". I think I can think of several people who I would consider this type of person. My neighbor, Mrs. Martha always calls my girls her angels. Whenever we walk outside (and I do mean whenever!) She always says to the girls, "Hello my angels". So, to her, I would be safe to say that she believes angels are those around her whom she loves dearly and provides warm smiles to her heart, those who comfort her in times of need.

But, I don't think people die and go to heaven and become angels. I don't really know a lot about this subject (that's why I'm searching) but I would dare to say that angels are in a league of their own.

I've heard several stories, all very similar and these are true incidents, of angels. One I know of our preacher, Dr.Brown. There have been several very godly people who have all reported the same thing, when he is preaching there are several men, BIG STRONG men, standing at attention all around him. Secondly, Joyce Meyer had a similar story of a man weeping because he was so afraid of the men that were standing around her. (he was not a Christian, he thought they were part of the choir!) These men follow Dr.Brown and Joyce Meyer in ever direction they took at they stood at attention. I've also heard a story of a girl who was walking in an alley late at night and some guys were going to rape her but they were taken back by the two huge men that were walking beside her. I've head stories of angels who look like soldiers. But then we see pictures of angels that look so heavenly and so pretty? Especially at church through Christmas programs, angels wear white and have wings. Where did this theory come from??? (I'd better find out)

I also have a friend who was in a horrible car accident and there was a man who helped her, comforted her and was gone as soon as the ambulance arrived. Now, yes this could have been an angel and it really could have just been a man who stopped to help. My friend FIRMLY believes this was an angel because no one else saw this man. One time I was out walking when I was in high school and there was a woman frantically searching for her girls. She had looked everywhere for her. I prayed with this woman and she rushed off I never saw her again. A couple of months later when I was life-guarding at the pool I worked at the same woman came in, she came rushing up to me to thank me for what I had done, as soon as we got done praying she went inside and her girls were in their rooms playing! She told me she thought I was an angel because she never saw me again. I say this story to tell you that I think sometimes we may think we've encountered an angel when really God was just using His people.

There have been times when Dr.Brown was preaching and I have felt things and saw things I can not explain. I often see a bright light following him. I've often thought it's the holy spirit, the glory of the Lord. I've never seen actual beings standing at attention around him, but I have seen something. Sometimes when I'm alone, and scared, I've often thought I saw something or someone, it's brought me peace. Every night the girls and I pray for angels to guard every door and every window of our home. So far, we've never had anything happen. Joel Osteen says that his mother prayed every day for angels to protect all her children and for them to never break a bone, to this day NONE of them have every broken any bone in their bodies.

I can think of the angel Gabriel in the bible who brought Mary the news that she would bear a child who would save the world, Jesus. I think of the shepherds in the fields and the Angel of the Lord, (I believe that is Gabriel as well) appeared to them. They were frightened at first. So, are these angels big mighty beings? Do angels take different forms? I can't help but think if satan can and does take different forms and he was formerly an angel, they why wouldn't angels take different forms?

My.......This is heavy stuff. I've got a LOT of research to do on this topic. I don't know why God is leading me this way but he is, so he's got something to say to me through this topic. It's all very interesting!!!

Well, I guess I'd better go, sorry for the long's a lot, I know. I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving! I'm so thankful for so much this year, but I'm so thankful for the GRACE of God more than anything! His grace is so good to me!! We are going to my mom's for a big yummy dinner. (and yes, I'm going to the Y later today to burn off extra calories!) I've slowly begun to decorate the house. Last year I was SO BIG (with Kennedy in the belly) I really didn't have the energy to do much to our house, it looked very bare. But this year, it's ALL coming out! I love to decorate for Christmas! But the only bad thing is when it's all over, my house always looks so bare..........Oh well! Have a blessed day and very thankful Thanksgiving!!!

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