Monday, November 06, 2006

Doctors, Parties and Puppies! Oh my!!

Wow, what a weekend! Friday night little Kennedy was very upset. I could tell she still wasn't feeling well. Her balance was off, she'd be sitting and then all of the suddenly fall over. Which lead to me believe that her ears were still bothering her even though it was day 4 of the antibiotic. So, early Saturday morning Kris headed out to work and I loaded them all up to take Kennedy to the Dr.'s. Luckily my mom was willing to keep the other two but I still had to get them to her house in the COLD!!! =) So, Kennedy and I were at the Dr.'s forever, what was I expecting on a Saturday???? The waiting room was FILLED with sick kids. Ugh.....It makes me cringe. So, sure enough her right ear was still pretty bad so he had to switch her antibiotic. Well, little did I know that this antibiotic, Omnicef, doesn't have a generic, so it cost a whopping $50!!! I about fell over. I just wasn't expecting that. Isn't that horrible of me to complain about the cost of medicines when so many children all over the world aren't even OFFERED medicine??? Well, anyways, so then I had to get Hope home and ready for her first Hope-only (no Taylor) birthday party. It was for one of the little girls at her school, and of course it was a dress-up princess party.

Then Sunday Kris took Taylor and Hope to church while I stayed home with Kennedy. We were having Hope's family party at 3:00. So Hope has been really upset since Bow (the dog we were keeping and then attacked the other dog) had to leave us. They were bud's but she understood that we just couldn't have a dog like that here. So my mom calls and says, To bad we can't get Hope a puppy. I was like.......oh we go. Next thing I know my brother is calling me asking me if I want to go look at puppies! So, Uncle Mike surprised Hope and didn't tell her where we were going. We drove out to this little country house and there in the yard are five golden retriever puppies!!! Hope just SQUEALED in delight! It was just precious! She was like, I'M GETTING A PUPPY!!!! So, we picked out the one that she liked or that liked us to the most! He is SO cute! We brought him home and my mom and I had to run out and get all the "puppy" stuff. Not to mention Hope's party at 3:00!!!! Hope wanted to name him Princess, but obviously being a boy that would not be very fitting, so we settled on Princeton. A friend of mine had a dog named Princeton who the girls just loved so it wasn't to hard to convince Hope that Princeton was more fitting than Princess! So thanks Uncle Mike for a great present!

I was expecting to have a horrible night, but this dog is SO good. We got a kennel for him and he just rolled up in a ball and I didn't hear him cry once. I'm sure he was exhausted from the day's activities but oh my, he is just precious. Watch tomorrow I will be saying, AHHHHH. I've also discovered Kennedy likes this doggy too. She pulled his collar off yesterday while she was on the floor with him!! So, now I know I've got to watch her like crazy. They are so cute together, little babies!! I feel so comfortable with a golden retriever too because that's what we had growing up. They just have a good temperament and are so good with kids. I had wanted a little white fluffy dog but, maybe one day! So, hopefully everything will continue to go well. I've got a book on Crate training and the crate is big enough for him as he grows so, we'll see!! It's good to have a sweet puppy around here after that NIGHTMARE last week.

Hope had a great family party and got lot's of great presents! We will take her to Chuck E. Cheese on Wed, her actual birthday. I can't believe she's almost four! Where did the time go??? Well, I hope you all had a great weekend. Have a blessed day!!!

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