Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's a 2-cup of coffee morning!!

Well, last night..............It was a long night!!! The puppy was up pretty much every two hours crying his little heart out. I felt so bad for him but, I restrained myself from comforting him, I know that's just going to make it worse. He still did great, no accidents in the crate or house. We had a great day with him yesterday but, I think his problem was like that of a typical newborn, sleeping to much during the day and then wide awake at night!! So, today I know I need to make an effort to make sure every time we're home he's awake at playing. He's so sweet, I just love him. It's kinda like our family is complete!

Despite my lack of sleep I really feel like God has spoken to me this morning. We had a great bible study last night. Even though it was just three of us, I really think it's what God had planned because we were all able to share so much. I felt really good after we were done, like we had really had a good discussion about the study. However, I feel like sometimes I want to be an encourager, not a challenger. Most of my writing is "feel-good" writing, ways to make us happier, joyful Christians, which is not a bad thing, but I think I may need to step it up a level. And that's hard because when you step it up, you step on toes. I don't know, I'm praying about where God is taking this group, I know He's got something planned for all of us and it's a great group! In fact, it's a blessing.

I had a huge surprise yesterday, I got called for an interview at CMC university. So, TODAY is the day. I was like WOW that's fast. I hope I can get through it, my voice is just about gone, not a good thing when you're trying to display a friendly tone! =) It's for a Fri night, Sat night position which would be perfect for our schedules. I've needed to go back to work for a while, just for the fact that I have no health insurance. It's to expensive at Kris's work. I'm not SUPER excited about going back to work, but I know it's time. I've been blessed to stay home for a year now which was just awesome and it's not like I'm having to put Kennedy in daycare it's just two nights on the weekend! So, I'm praying for it to be the job GOD wants me to have because I know He's got it all worked out!

Well, I guess I'd better go get this day started. Have a great day everyone!

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