Thursday, October 12, 2006

When Tragedy Strikes

Oh my heart hurts so bad this morning. At around 6am my sweet sister in law, Dawn, delivered her two twin babies who did not survive. Her water broke yesterday and it was all down hill from there. She was 6 months along. The heartache and pain that she must feel right now is more than any of us can imagine if we have not walked down that road. These babies were their little miracles after a long struggle to get pregnant. Please pray for them and in the coming weeks and months. Some times people run closer the the Lord when Tragedy hits us but way to often we run from the Lord, we are angry and upset at Him. I feel all of those emotions right now. And I can't help but ask God why? Why right now? Why them? I'm reminded of something I read a long time ago. When God says no, or allows something tragic to happen, it's not because He's mad or punishing us for something. It's for His greater good which equals our greater good. Although those words may not be comforting right now one day this will all make sense or it may not.

So, Dawn, if you ever read this entry, here is my prayer for you today:

My Sweet Father,
You are the great I am, you are the way, the truth and the LIFE. You bring happiness and you allow heartache. I can't even imagine the pain that Dawn and Craig are experiencing right now. Their hearts are broken. Our hearts are broken for them. I know people react differently towards tragedy, I'm running to you because I know the hurt and pain is more than we can carry alone. Lord, only you can take the hurt away and give a peace that passes all understanding. Hear this humble prayer just to give them peace right now. Lord, I know those sweet babies are up there jumping around on your lap, you are holding them closer than ever. You understand why it all happened and I pray that you would give Dawn an understanding that may not give her answers but will give her peace. I pray for the future and what it holds for Craig and Dawn. Lord, wrap your warm arms around them and let them feel your presence in their lives. I pray for blessings, many blessings to fall upon them, even today. Your word says in Matthew 5:4, blessed are those who morn, for they will be comforted. Lord, comfort them now. Let them find comfort in you. Please send people their way that love you and can love them. I love you Father, and give my niece and nephew a kiss and a hug from me. Amen.

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barbarak said...

Thank you Nicki for your kind words and prayers. Any mother knows the heartache and pain they feel for their child when that child is hurting or sick, the pain I feel for Craig and Dawn right now is unimaginable. All night I cried and prayed to God for a miracle for the babies to survive. But this morning it all became real when Craig called and told me it was over and the babies were gone. Please, everyone continue to keep Craig and Dawn in your prayers and thoughts. They will need your love and support as they try to find peace and ease their heartache. Love, Barbara