Wednesday, October 11, 2006

It's getting tough...........

Today at the gym, I was in a total funk. I woke up late this morning so I didn't have a quiet time before I left. It just started my day ALL wrong. I get to the Y and I'm just so tired. All around me are these really inspiring people that are working their tushies off! While I dragged myself up onto the elliptical machine, of course there is this tiny girl that must of weighed 100 pounds right next to me. She gets up there smiling and ready to go. I was like, "Lord, what does she have that I don't??? Why do I not have the energy I need to get through this today?" What the Lord said to me over my gruling 30 minutes on this machine was this..........I have abused my body for so long, and my body has been through a lot. Three pregnancies, two normal deliveries and 1 c-section in five years. I cannot expect that after two weeks of eating really good and exercising that I'm going to be like this little miss workout queen! Plus, I have made poor choices over the past five years, gaining to much weight with pregnacies, not exercising consistently, eating junk and overal just not taking care of myself. We as mothers get so focused on everyone else that we forget that we matter too! So, I had to just say, today I'm not on top of my game but by the end of this workout I will be that much closer to my goal. This may take me a year or more to get to my goal, but I know I HAVE to be in it for the long haul, not the short two weeks. I always do this.......I get really pumped up for a couple of weeks and then as soon as I don't see these amazing results after a week or two I tell myself that I'm just not able to. But God has shown me different this time. So, we shall see!

Taylor had a lesson again last night. I really enjoyed watching her skate. She is so determined and yet so unsure of herself. She is a very cautious little girl so this is a big step for her to learn how to skate. We watched the "super skaters" after her lesson, Taylor and I sat in awe of these girls and how fast and awesome they are. Taylor and I both made a friend, which is always a good thing. It was funny because she gravitated towards a certain girl and I gravitated towards her mom. It's always good to have someone to talk to through all of these lessons!

Hope Ann still hasn't "decided" what she is going to do. She is making this SO complicated. I'm like, are almost FOUR, not sixteen, so you're choice is simple.......Ballet or tap. She's just so dramatic about everything. But I'm proud of her for taking her time in making her decision.

Kennedy still has her cold, she's just ill.......I guess we all get that way don't we!She's just so sweet, the other day I was holding her and I was like, Oh my goodness she's almost nine months old.........what am I going to do??? I don't know if there will be anything I will miss about this baby's first year. With Taylor I was like, hurry up, do the next thing. And with Hope she was just so cranky all the time I couldn't wait for her to get through the first year. But Kennedy has been such a good baby. I love just to sit and hold her. She's a little spoiled, so they tell me......=) She's started saying, "bye-bye" and she waves, it's just the cutest thing ever! I could just eat every moment and I have. I've treasured her so much and I wish I would have done the same with the other two. But, I've learned so now, I do treasure all those sweet moment with all of them. Watching Taylor learn new things, listening to Hope Ann play in her room (she says some CRAZY stuff!), and watching Kennedy trying so hard to crawl!

Well, I think I've wasted quite a bit of time today............=) I'd better get some work done. Have a great day!!!

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