Monday, October 09, 2006

All rested up!

What a great weekend we had! It was just so.................Restful. Friday night the girls and I met Kris for dinner and then he had a basket-ball game. So the girlys rented a movie, Chronicles of Narnia. What a powerful movie! I was a little unsure about letting the girls watch it but Hope fell asleep and Taylor was so moved by the movie. After it was over Hope was snoring away on the couch =) and she and I had a few moments just us to talk about the movie. Her heart was so touched she had tears! So of course I had tears! She really understood the whole message of the movie and I'm glad I did let her see it. Then it was off to bed.

Saturday Taylor had her first ice-skating lesson. Of all the things to do she has to pick one of the most difficult sports out there for beginners! I have to tell you all one of the funniest things I've ever heard this child say but it was so sincere. We have a lot of issues with Hope Ann wanting to do EVERYTHING that Taylor does and I really want them to be individuals so of course when Hope heard that Taylor was taking lessons she wanted to as well. I told Hope that she's to young (even though she's really not, forgive me Lord!) and this is what Taylor said in her very grown- up voice to Hope, "Hope, you always want to do everything I do, you need to be your own person, you can't just copy me on everything, and besides, I'm just trying to follow my dreams!" I about died laughing! Poor Hopie. But anyways, I was very pleased at how well she did, she didn't freak out like I thought she might. Later that afternoon my mom and I took Taylor and Hope back to the rink for open skate time. We had a lot of fun!

The girls were supposed to have a camp-out with daddy in the back yard but due to the rain it had to be post-poned. So it was pizza and a movie night. Saturday night little miss Kennedy was up about three times due to this cold that she suddenly has gotten. She's so pititful! She's a big thumb sucker so when she tries to suck her thumb she can't breathe! So, I kept her home with me on Sunday while Kris took the girls to church.

It was nice to have a couple hours of peace while Kennedy slept yesterday I was able to finish up a lot on my bible study. But oh did I have a rough afternoon as I was looking over everything. Satan was leading me to believe all kinds of lies, and I wasted a lot of time worrying of little details that really don't mean anything in general to the study. I'm very nervous about next Monday night. I'm excited because this has been such a long process of writing, praying and seeking. It's been a lot of work but I've enjoyed it so much! I don't know what God has planned and I don't even know if everything I've written makes sense but I know that every time I sit down to write, I just totally give it over to God and ask Him to write, not me. I feel that I really need to take some classes on bible history just so that I can have a clear understanding of when and how everything happend. Well, I guess I'd better start this day, it's off to a late start today. No gym today, sick baby! Darn! =) hee! Have a blessed day!

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