Thursday, October 26, 2006

Just can't hear

This morning I was a little frustrated with my quiet time. I've been having a lot of good prayer time, but I haven't really felt like God has been saying anything back to me. Does that sound awful??? Somedays, when I open up scripture, I immediately see some awesome things that totally relate to my day. Then this past week, as I've been writing, I just don't know what to say. I pray for God to speak and for me to listen. I just can't put my finger on it, what is the deal???

I guess we all go through periods like this. Sometimes we learn a lot and other times we are just simply called to pray. I did have a lot on my heart today, so maybe that was the problem.

The girls are doing good. Taylor had a sore throat the other day but thank goodness it went away. When strep arrives in our house we normally ALL get it. Taylor and her friend, Rachel really did something neat yesterday. They came home from school and immediately went to the play room and began working on a "project". When they came downstairs they had this elaborate play from bible stories they had learned at school. Script and everything!!! The way their minds soak things up just blows me away!

Hope Ann is a mess! Ya'll.......every night after we put her to bed, just to sit at her door and listen to the things she is saying is in itself a comedy hour. Kris and I just DIE of laughter as we sit and listen. They must sing this song at school that goes like this, "Hope Ann is here today, Hope Ann is here today, turn around and sit back down, Hope Ann is here today." She goes through EVERY child in her class and sings this song in her bed!! Then she is talking up a storm, this goes on for about an hour!!! Then she exhausts herself and falls asleep. She's always up for a good laugh! That's our Hopie!!!

Kennedy Grace is going to be a challenge, I see it coming. She is really into this spitting thing and yes, I know it's very normal for a baby to practice spitting at people (putting their lips together and making a rude noise) but I really think she's doing it out of spite!!! I've been telling her, no no when she does it and then she does it again and laughs! ALSO, whenever I tell her no no, like when she pulls my hair!, she spits at me!! She's is just about crawling, she's up on all fours and rocking, so you know what that means! She's almost off!!! She is also very obssesed with saying Bye-Bye. She says it to everyone! ALL the time, no matter if we are leaving or not! =)

I had a great work-out yesterday morning, I'm still debating on whether or not to go today. I just have so much to get done today........but I know I should go...........Ok! I'm going! Have a good day everyone!!

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