Friday, October 27, 2006

Yucky Rainy Day

What a day............I overslept this morning because Taylor was up twice last night with leg cramps. I have no idea why she keeps getting these. Does anyone have any advice on what I can do to help her? The only thing that works is when I give her Motrin and rub her legs. There has to be something to prevent these. She's had them for so long now and the dr.'s just say she'll grow out of them! So, I overslept through my quite time. Then after Taylor and Kris left for school, Kennedy was still snoozing away so I said, Hope Ann you want to come in mommy's bed and snuggle and watch cartoons??? (um.....go back to sleep??) She said YA!!! We used to do that a lot after Kennedy was born because I'd be so tired from getting up all night, so it was good just to have a relaxing morning after the busy week we'd had. Kennedy slept until 9:30!!! I have a feeling though it's because she's getting sick. Her little eyes have those circles under them that just break my heart! She also took a four-hour nap today which is very unusual! So, I was able to get a lot done around here today.

I felt really bad that I didn't go to Taylor's Fall party at school today. And she wasn't the least bit upset, in fact I think she could have cared less if I was there or not. I explained to her that it's just to much to drag Kennedy around all day after the week we've had. Plus I knew I had to take all three of them to Taylor's acting class tonight so, I didn't go to her party.........if only I could be in two places at once! I'm sure it's only going to get worse as they all get older and they are all involved in so much.

While we were driving home tonight after Taylor's class, (daddy's working late AGAIN), the girls were having this very sweet conversation that I knew I had to share with everyone! Kris is taking Hopie on a "date" in the morning to breakfast and Taylor is a bit jealous, of course. But I explained to Taylor that she gets to do a whole lot more than Hope so, cool it! So here's how it went:
Hope- Taylor, can you baby-sit Ruffy while I go on my date?
Taylor- Yes......I guess so, but you have to tell me all of her stuff
Hope- Ok, make sure you put her to bed, I guess on my bed, and when she throws a fit, Don't give her a snack
Taylor- Ok, so you want me to spank her?
Hope- Yes, you spank her bottom HARD
Taylor-Ok, what else do I need to do, do I need to dress her?
Hope- No, she can just be naked
Taylor- HOPE ANN, Ruffy can NOT be naked, that's gross
Hope- Ok, you dress her, whatever you want
(then all of the sudden the conversation turns)
Hope- My friend Emma, she's mean to me, she says I don't need Ruffy
Taylor- Listen Hope, you don't let people walk all over you, you need to stand up for yourself, you just tell Emma, WHATEVER
Hope- Ok, I'll do that
Taylor- Don't ever let anyone tell you how to feel
Hope- Sometimes I don't like this girl and I don't want to play with her
Taylor- Well, don't tell her you don't want to play with her cuz, like that would be mean just say, Is it ok if I play with someone else? Great ok!
Hope- Taylor..........WHATEVER! =)

It was a precious conversation, sisters............!!!! They can be so mean to eachother but then in moments like that it just makes me smile, it makes me feel like they are going to be OK. It's been a long week, Kris has worked late almost every night. Last night he got to work late and go to the Big Daddy Weave concert. I thought that was good for him to experience that! He said it was really good!

I wish this rain would stop, it just makes me sleepy. I've got to have plan B with this exercise deal. I've done really well on going to the Y Tues,Wed and Thurs. But now this week is going to be all messed up and I know Kennedy is going to be sick. SO, I need to find a video to do here at home. Any suggestions anyone? I need something fast and fun, and probably something Hope can do with me since she's my shadow ALL day. I was doing so good on eating right until..............I went to Costco. Ok NEVER go to Costco on Wednesdays, if you are trying to lose weight. I think they must have had a sample on EVERY isle. Any other day I have NEVER seen so many samples out!! So, you know how it goes, oh I'll just taste one, then it's another one and then you think, well it's free......then the whole day is just blown. So needless to say this day hasn't been all that great either. But, I refuse to give up, tomorrow is a new day, new challenges and I will get through this.

Well, I have written way to much tonight, I guess I have no one else to talk to since Kris is working late so........the blog will have to do!! Have a good weekend everyone! I hope this weather gets nicer!!!

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