Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Changes like the wind!

I can't get over how quickly women's moods can change! Just yesterday, I was doing great and life was ok. Today I woke up and I felt like a storm had just blown through my house. Every little thing was getting on my nerves, I cried about six times today and not to mention the wonderful fight I had with my hubby! AND I did have a great quiet time with God today, so I know it wasn't that. My moods really can change like the wind on days like this. Why is that? Why can't every day be a super-dooper, can't wait to get out of bed day? Today was a, oh my let me go back to sleep day! Having three girls, I really do think it effects everyone's mood when momma is a bad one. So, of course they were overly dramatic today as well. Hope Ann told me that I don't love her as much as Kennedy. Taylor told me that no one in this family likes her! Then Taylor told Hope she was never talking to her again (if only she were so lucky!)Then Hope said, "You're not my best-friend EVER." And Kennedy.........all she said was DA DA BYE BYE (in her little southern accent)waving at me all day, no ma ma today! =) Ugh......even the dog was whiny today, even after I walked her in the pouring rain yesterday! Where is the appreciation and love in this family????!!!!!

Oh I love my family, I really do, it's just been one of those days. You know, you've been there too! On a more positive note, I will say that I had an awesome quiet time this morning. God's been waking me up EARLY, like 5:05am, telling me to get up! So, I have and I realize each day more and more why He's doing this. I know I've got to have time to pray for Taylor's teachers, Hope's teachers, Kris's co-workers, family, and friends. I've realized that as God brings more and more people into my life on a personal level, I've got to pray for them. Especially the girls teachers because on most days they are with them more than I am. That's a hard fact to deal with as a mom. But what a blessing their teachers are. They truly are godly women who love the Lord, and I could not ask for more than that.

So tonight, as this crazy day has come to an end, I can't help but wonder what tomorrow will bring. What direction will the wind be blowing in? I know that no matter what, that through the wind there is that still small whisper of God in my ears, "Nicki, I'm here with you, always." Good night everyone! God bless you!

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