Thursday, August 31, 2006

Obedience or else.......

WOW, Jeremiah 7 was an eye opener this morning. What is so amazing is that everything that I read somehow relates to us today. Jeremiah is speaking to the people of Judea,again, he is at the Lord's house, the temple, standing outside preaching. It kind of reminded me of how you'll see very enthusiastic people in cities like New York out on the streets telling everyone to repent or else. I'm not judging those people but I do know that God did actually tell Jeremiah to do this, But I can totally see people just walking by thinking he's crazy or not even paying him a bit of attention just like the people of today. Especially these Judeans, they were living in some serious sins! Idols, cults, wicked ways, disobedience, adultery, perjury and murder. Hmmmm, does this sound familiar? Jeremiah, is like LOOK you fools, God is trying to give you a warning, He's giving you a chance to redeem yourselves! Stop having all of these rituals and false worship and walk where God leads you.(v7:23)God says in verse 25, I've been sending you prophets (preachers) but you're just not listening, and you keep on in your evil ways. How many times have we gone to church, heard a sermon and said, Oh that doesn't apply to me. This is what I felt lead to say, When we join a church, believe that the preacher is a true prophet from the Lord,one that basis everything he says on the bible not opinions and truly has a heart for God, then we'd better listen up, because it's not them speaking, it's God. I love how our preacher, Dr.Brown says when he prays, "Lord you speak and help me to get out of the way." Preachers are not up there to make themselves feel good or look good. They've got something to say from GOD. I hate how people will say well, I don't believe that, or that's not my personal conviction ex: drinking, smoking, ex.... If God says it, then it is. Bottom line. Here's another amazing fact about the people of Judea, they felt safe in God's temple. They felt like no matter what they did God would protect them as long as they were in His sanctuary. Hmmm, how many people go to church on Sunday, feel good about it and then on Monday they are back to their sinful ways, they don't really take anything out of it. So God has said these three things to me this morning. 1.If He says it, I believe it, obey God don't question Him. 2. God uses our pastors to reveal HIS heart to us 3.If we don't obey then destruction is headed our way.

Whew.....that was deep for 6am!!! But it was good stuff! Today Hopie gets to go meet her teachers for pre-school. Kris and I went last night they had a TWO HOUR open house. This is a very............ accurate preschool, they want everything to be just right. I couldn't believe how many forms I had to fill out and all the rules, but I guess I'd rather her be safe. I think she's going to love it there, I hope she does anyways. What are Kennedy and I going to do?? Have some peace!!! Now if I can just get Kennedy to take a nap while Hope is at preschool........... =) This baby is so sweet but she is a challenge. It's so hard having her on any kind of schedule because it seems like every day we've got something different going on. But I do try and make sure she gets this morning nap in her bed, the rest of the day, well that's up for grabs! =) Well, it's a rainy day here, but I do hope you all have a great day!

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